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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Beach day with lots of fish and birds!

We had a good day yesterday! Everybody hopped in Roger and Mona's rig and Aron and Owenita's rig and drove over to Playa la Entrega. They decided to camp out there for the night, and they wanted to bring their stand up paddle boards.

We got there early and got ourselves seated in the shade at a restaurant overlooking the beach.

It didn't take long for others to start arriving. Playa la Entrega is a popular snorkeling beach.

The cruise ship port at Huatulco.

View from el faro... the lighthouse. Looking east.

Looking west.

View from our spot at the beach.

Denise, Aron, Jim, and Owenita.

Nice spot to waste a few hours.

Playa la Entrega.

Ruth and I have our own snorkeling gear, so we got in the water and brought our little underwater camera as well. Here is some of what we saw...


We made our way back to the campground by taxi (120 pesos) around 1:30pm. The restaurants at Playa la Entrega are typically a little pricey so Ruth and I hadn't had any lunch yet. We had heard of a lady who does tacos for the workers on the resorts beach here at the campground so we walked over there to see what the deal was.

Where we had lunch.

She had a variety of cold tacos. Good homemade food. Ruth had a shrimp and a beef, and I had a beef and a chicken... and a bag of iced watermelon juice. Total bill for the two of us was 80 pesos ($5.75 CAD, $4.30 USD).

Then we did some bird watching.

Yellow-winged cacique.

White-throated magpie-jay.

Great shot of a ferruginous pygmy owl.

Today, we are headed into town to a little known local chicken place. We have been there several times in the past and have never seen tourists there. We will keep it a secret so that it stays that way!

This targeted offer is back again. Not all of you will see it, but most of you should. Buy any three items, or three of the same item... and when you check out ten bucks will be removed from the final bill! Great time to stock up on stuff you're probably going to buy anyhow. 

And in Canada...


  1. Enjoyed the birds and the underwater fish!

  2. We've hired a boat (basically a fisherman doing double duty, lol) twice to take us from Tangolunda to Entrega, stopping along the way to see any marine life and a few quieter beaches (one is a total beach bum beach with people camped out). One bay we stopped at, my kids jumped in and said 'the water is stinging me!!' Oops, didn't see the small but numerous jelly fish! Annoying ...like mosquitoes!

    1. We looked into hiring a boat but there was a cruise ship in port yesterday so we didn't want to do it then and today there is a big fishing derby/competition going on so most boats are being used for that. Maybe another time we will do that.

      Yikes, that wouldn't have been any fun being stung by the jelly fish!

  3. Great shot of the owl - I've seen the Canadian version of the pygmy owl as the wildlife rescue I volunteer at had one (now released). Apparently they are the fiercest of all the owls, surprising based on only being a couple of inches tall. They regularly take on other creatures many times their size.

    1. This is the first time we have ever seen a pygmy owl. I never realized that owls could actually be that small! It's neat that you got to see one up close that was rescued.

  4. Great underwater shots and bird shots. The owl is magnificent!

    1. Thank you Emily! I can't believe that we were so lucky to have seen that little pygmy owl. :-)

  5. Great fish shots and bird shots.... always LOVE your wild life pictures Kevin and how you identify them. I learn something new almost all the time! Thanks and safe travels.

    1. Thanks Lynnette, we are glad that you enjoyed our wildlife shots. We learn a lot about the different birds ourselves when we take pictures like these. It was our first ever seeing a pygmy owl, so that was pretty neat.


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