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Sunday, February 9, 2020

Searching Puerto Escondido

Finally caught up on the blog posts. When I get a day behind, it's been difficult to get caught up because we're either too busy, or the internet connection is not decent. As it is right now, we are parked up at the Centro Turistico La Alejandria where they advertise free WiFi... and it is, but it is slow as molasses, and especially when everyone is trying to use it. But even when everybody is sleeping, it is still slow. Takes forever to upload photos. And, we do have a cell signal as well but it is not much better!

Anyhow, first world problems, right?

Yesterday morning, Ruth and I and Jim took the collectivo into Puerto Escondido (or simply "Puerto" as the locals call it). It cost 25 pesos ($1.80 CAD, $1.35 USD) for the 14 km (8.7 mile) ride.

Ruth and I were on a mission, and Jim wanted to do some exploring, so we parted ways at that point.

Our mission was to find somewhere to park the group of 8 rigs in Puerto. I actually wrote a full blog post about RV Parking in Puerto Escondido back in 2013 when we were down here with the little blue car and it was easier to explore. But none of the options are suitable for a group.

But this time, we were on foot...

This dead end street would do, but there's not much in the way of shade.

And the problem is the heat. During the day, the temperature gets up to about 31C (88F) and with the sun beating down on your rig it will easily get much hotter than that inside. At least where we are at the laguna we are mostly shaded, and there is a lot of shade to sit and relax. 

And that was the theme for the rest of the spots we checked out... no shade, and less than ideal to start off with.

After about an hour and a half of walking, we decided we are better off staying put at the laguna for a total of three nights.

We hopped on a collectivo to the far end of the area at Barra de Colotepec. This is where we met our friends Mary and Alfredo back in 2009

We stopped in at Alfredo's mother's house to say hello. His sister Lety was there as well as his niece (other sister Olivia's daughter). They run a taco stand in front of their house in the village so we sat down there and chatted for a while.

We walked over to the river and got our feet wet...

The Rio Colotepec.

Going for a stroll in the river.

The water is literally warm!

Not much cooling off being done, but it still feels nice on the feet.

Lety had an idea that we could park the rigs under the huge covered basketball court at the top of the village. She asked the municipality, but they said no to that. However, they did say we could park beside the soccer field. It's not ideal because it's a bit close to the major road, but we will go there on Monday afternoon and walk down to Silvia's place where they have offered to make us tlayudas for dinner that day. It will do for one night before we head to Huatulco.

Made it back to the laguna just before happy hour. Had enough of Puerto for one day. 

Today we are hanging out at the laguna while some others have gone into town on their own. 

I picked up some differential fluid for Sherman while we were in town yesterday. He's developed a small leak, and I think it's coming from the front pinion seal. I will top it up today and see how much he has lost.

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And in Canada...


  1. Wonderfully productive day I would say..Always good on the toes to touch the waters. Our River is running about 40 about now..

    1. Not sure that I would say it was a productive day but it was another good day in Mexico! :-)

  2. Just to make you feel cooler, the temp. in Ottawa this morning was -26C (-14.8 F)!

  3. Warming up down south. Interesting that it is so difficult to find shade, but for a large crowd it evidently is.

    1. It is more than a little warm down here and yes, to find a suitable place to park 8 rigs in Puerto Escondido is difficult to do. We can find places to park but they are dirt parking lots with little to no shade. We found that the Centro Turístico La Alejandría worked well for us and from there we just have to take the collectivos into town, it's not ideal but suits the group much better.


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