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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Shopping day 2 at the orphanage and lots of work going on!

Busy day for the group yesterday here at the orphanage! Those who wanted to, met up at the main hall to do some painting work at 8:30am. Ruth and I were headed out shopping again at 9:00am, while three of the men were tasked with helping with the pump installation and associated electrical wiring.

Oh, and right at 9:00am the new living room furniture set showed up for the older boys residence...

Here it is!

New furniture that we bought yesterday.

These are the boys who will use it, along with their house father at left.

This is better!

Ruth and Mona giving director Juan some more donations.

Director Lily was busy with appointments in the city, but house mother Veronica went with us in the van to do some more shopping. She had a long list with her!

First stop was for a new freezer!

At the same location, we bought two new blenders.

Veronica with one of the new blenders.

10,513 pesos for a new freezer and two new blenders.

Next stop was downtown for some smaller items. They needed some new garbage cans. Forgot to get any photos, but here are the receipts...

700 pesos.

348 pesos.

Next stop was for basketballs and volleyballs. We headed into a shoe store, and sure enough there are the back was a big assortment of sports items. We bought 3 basketballs and 3 volleyballs.

Veronica and Ruth with basketballs and volleyballs.

Basketballs and Volleyballs 660 pesos.

We made a few more stops at various small shops. The papeleria for some school supplies, the hardware store for some small items, and a computer store for some new mice and a keyboard.

Veronica and Ruth at the papeleria.

Another 2,506 pesos.

We bumped into the guys at the hardware store. 
They needed some supplies for the electrical work for the new pump.
I don't have the receipts yet, but that was another 1,929 pesos.

Next stop at the Bodega Aurrera store where we bought a whole bunch of stuff... mostly personal hygiene, but a few grocery supplies too...

Veronica, driver Alex, and Ruth with two cartloads of stuff.

Another 3,610 pesos.

We arrived back at "the ranch" to find the crew hard at work making lots of progress...



One of the older boys wanted to help out.


We unloaded the van...

This should keep them going for a while!

Then Ruth and I joined the painting detail for the afternoon.


And after. Good job Garth!

Ruth, doing some touch ups.

While this was going on, Roger, Aron, and Bob were doing pump work all day.

Out with the old.

And in with the new!

Aron, Bob, and Roger running new electrical wire for the pump.

What a great group of people we have! Thank you all so much!

I have yet to do a final tally on the money situation, but I think we're within a couple of thousand pesos either way. There will be some more work needed for the pump on Monday, but all the stores are closed for carnaval and we need to leave early Monday morning. But I will make sure they have enough cash to buy the stuff they need to get it hooked up. Juan and his friend who helped change the pump know what is needed.

Almost a record low deal on the popular ILIFE V3 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

And in Canada...


  1. Thank you so much for doing this, its sure is great to see the donation results!!

    1. It is our pleasure to do this and seeing the staff and the children's faces makes it all the more better. We have to thank all our families, friends and readers that helped pool all the donations together to make this happen and we take great pride in showing exactly where all that money went! :-)

  2. What fun! Better than Christmas both for them and for those who donated to see the goods and receipts.

    1. It was fun and well worth all the effort that everyone put into it both donation wise and money wise. :-)

  3. Wow......"Many hands make light work". Amazing job and wonderful generosity by everyone. Take a bow all!!!

    1. They sure do! We were so proud of everyone that lent a helping hand and also to everyone out there who passed along a donation to help the orphanage out. :-)

  4. Excellent job everyone! Ones talents can go a long way in a bog way!

    1. Thank you and I will pass along your kudos to the rest of the group. And yes, it is definitely helpful to have a few people in the group that have some technical knowledge and hands on help to make things work. :-)

  5. So proud of all of you! CHRISTMAS in February! Hogar Infantil is blessed to have you as their FRIEND!

    1. Thank you Lynnette! We will pass along your "pat on the back" to the entire group.

      We were only to happy to help the orphanage out, we enjoyed doing it and it sure made us all feel good to give back in some small way.

  6. That is so awesome! Good job all! Oh, and I forgot to comment on your first post that we also found that paint is not cheap in Mexico. I guess some things are pricey no matter where you are. I do love that tropical orange color on the orphanage. They are going to have a much better situation in so many ways thanks to you folks' generosity.

    1. Thank you Emily, we are so happy that everything worked out so well and that we were able to raise enough funds to really make a difference with both the staff and the children.

      The colour was the same as before, we just freshened it up. It does look great on that building though.

  7. So good to see this. Just wonderful.

    1. Thank you! We really enjoyed doing this for the orphanage and what to thank everyone that helped to contribute in one way or another. :-)


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