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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Mexico RV Caravan Travel Day - Puerto Escondido to Huatulco

We left La Barra de Colotepec at 10:00am headed further south towards Huatulco. And actually, during the drive we would be at our furthest south point on the trip! Really though, it only feels like we're headed south. In reality we are actually going east!

It was only 112 kms (70 miles), but I knew that would take well over two hours, probably closer to three hours when we include a gasoline break.

Not many photos from the drive...

The Colotepec River where it empties into the Pacific Ocean.

Yesterday's drive 112 kms (70 miles).

When we stopped for gas, it was actually the furthest south we will be on this trip!

We pulled in to the Playa Tangolunda campground at just after 1:00pm. 

There are only two others here... a single older guy tent camping, and a young couple from Czech Republic van camping in a vehicle with Alberta plates.

Three of our rigs. 

Once again, it is baking hot here. Temperature today is supposed hit 34C (93F). Fortunately, as you can see from where we are parked, we do get some decent afternoon shade. And sitting outside with a breeze, it's not that bad. 

And of course, we are only a five minute walk from a beautiful beach.

And right beside a golf course.

There are no actual campsites here... you simply find a place and park.

Someone made a dumb decision to plant some trees in what was one of the RV parking spots.

And now, the trees are not surviving anyhow.

Odd bees nest in one of the palm trees.

Red bellied squirrel.

We are here for four nights. Lots to see in the area though! Today, we are headed over to Playa la Entrega... a popular beach for snorkeling.

Great deal on a wide variety of Gillette Razor Blades... time to stock up!

And in Canada...


  1. We spent some time in Huatulco back in the day when there was a Club Med there. Now that's a strange organization! (Club Med). I remember La Crucecita being a very pretty little town.

    1. The Club Med here is now Las Brisas Huatulco. We have stayed at a Club Med in the Dominican Republic but it was a family one so we didn't have that same experience that they were known for.

      La Crucecita is a pretty little town and it's nice to wander around when there isn't a cruise ship in port.

  2. Love the area and the heat! A visit to the art gallery across from Barcelo is a nice way to spend an hour, I think the owner is Sam and his dog Loki is the neatest! I started reading your blog after researching our first trip to Huatulco - a post came up from your site... think that was 8 years ago now! Been reading ever since.

    1. I remember you telling us to go visit that gallery last year but when we did it was closed. Maybe we will have time to check it out this year.

      Wow, you have been reading our blog for a very long time! :-)

  3. Regarding those interesting honeycombs, last spring here in the Yucatan, we had a swarm of honeybees come and hang out on the trunk of one of our palms for a day. There were a ton of them, but like everything I read online, they didn't stay for more than 12 hours. They were just resting en route to finding and making a new hive, somewhere. Fortunately, not in our yard. When they left, they left behind a beautiful elongated almond-shaped honeycomb that looked similar to the ones in your photo (only there was just one). It was really pretty and so unusual. Stayed attached to the tree for months and months!

    1. Wow, that is quick work for only one day! These bees are still around so I guess they are here for a little longer. I certainly don't remember seeing that honeycomb there last year though.


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