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Sunday, February 16, 2020

Mexico RV Caravan Travel Day - Huatulco to Playa Brasil

We hit the road at 9:00am Saturday for a planned 130 km (81 mile) drive. We are actually headed for the Hogar Infantil orphange in Ocozocuatla, however to do it in one day would be too much, so I had found a possible overnight spot at Playa Azul (Playa Brasil) just west of Salina Cruz.

Sure enough, it all worked out as planned... in fact, if you take into consideration the delicious food at the little beach hut restaurant, it turned our far better than planned!

Here is a map of our Saturday drive...

130 kms (81 miles).

We are now heading NorthEast! In fact, more east than north. It seems strange to see the sun rising over the Pacific Ocean!

Here are some photos of the drive...

Riverfront property!

Saw quite a few of these hanging nests.

The hanging nests of the yellow winged cacique.

Scenery along the way.

We had a scheduled fuel/rest stop along the way. Sherman was starting to get low... just under a quarter tank. However, even at a quarter tank I never get too concerned because we can still drive 200 kms (120 miles) or so on a quarter tank.

Anyhow, we got to our scheduled gas station and it was open, as expected. However, the attendant was just sitting outside the diesel pumps, and the gasoline ones were all blocked off. We've seen this occasionally in Mexico... they simply ran out of gas! 

I was a bit nervous then because we had no cell signal and I couldn't figure out how far the next station was. The attendant told me it was "about a 45 minute drive". 

Sherman was definitely getting low when we got to the station, but all was good. We took on 180 liters, and Sherman's tank holds 228 so we could have gone quite a long way yet.

Not much traffic.

Scenery along the way.

The turn off towards Playa Azul (Playa Brasil) came up. It's just a dirt road. Sherman went down first to check things out. No point in eight rigs going down just to find out it's not suitable. But, other than a badly washboard road for 3 kms (1.8 miles), it looked like a decent spot to spend the night.

GPS 16.121365, -95.281269
Restaurante Buena Vista.

Sherman and Ruth.

Oceanfront views.


Our hostess was Janet. The deal was that you could either pay 100 pesos to camp for the night, or you could have a meal at the restaurant and camping was free! Sounds like a pretty good excuse for a meal out.

Some people had a lunch meal just after we arrived, and said the food was really good. So we all decided to have a dinner meal as well.

The food was simply delicious. Ruth and I each had the shrimp brochette, as did several other people. Sorry, no photos... we were too busy eating! There were four shrimp on each stick and they were huge... smaller than a lobster tail, but not by much!

I told the cook they were the best shrimp I have ever had...because I think they really were.

View at our table.

Great spot for the night... however, very hot and very windy. Yes, the wind took away from the heat a little bit, but it was still uncomfortable. We are at the "isthmus"... the narrow part of land between the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean... and it is always very windy in this area.

However, we would return to this place again... just for the hospitality of Janet and her family... and the delicious shrimp!

Up early Sunday morning for the drive inland to the orphanage!

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And in Canada...


  1. Free parking and great seafood! What more could we ask for?

  2. Have you ever actually run completely out of gas? I feel like that's the only way to really know how close you can get to empty.

    1. We pretty much have a couple of times. One time was sitting at some traffic lights waiting to turn into the gas station and the motor stopped but once Kevin started it again there was just enough to get us into the gas station. He knows Sherman well and he knows how low the gauge can get. We have had him now for 12 1/2 years and he has been very low many times.


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