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Friday, February 14, 2020

I've never had a chamoyada before!

Yesterday, we took the gang to a roast chicken restaurant for lunch in the nearby town of La Crucecita. It's a pretty basic place, but they make great roast chicken.

Afterwards, we walked over to an ice cream place where I decided to try something different!

I saw this fancy thing in their freezer... it's called a chamoyada.

Sorry, not the best photo.
My chamoyada versus Bob's little cup of ice cream.

So basically, a chamoyada is mango ice cream with chili powder and chamoy sauce, which is another type of spicy sauce. It is a confusing array of flavors!

After that, we walked over to the Chedraui store and did some grocery shopping.

I am also looking for a new pair of sandals. I know they don't last forever, but I expect more expensive ones to last longer than they do. I kept my old (and expensive) Reef sandals when they began falling apart, and that's the pair I am currently wearing because my other pair totally fell apart a couple of days ago. But the Reef ones are on their last legs too.

I tried on a couple of cheaper pairs (like 150 pesos), but they seemed over priced for what you get. Then I tried on a 300 peso pair, but they seemed like they would take a while to break in. I tried a 400 peso pair and they weren't comfortable either.

But when I tried on the 750 peso ($53 CAD, $41 USD) pair, they were so comfy! But, I can't justify fifty bucks on a pair of sandals!

Back at the campground, we took some more bird photos...

White-fronted parrots

Streaked-backed oriole

Golden-cheeked woodpecker

And, yesterday we announced our fundraising intentions for the Hogar Infantil orphange where we will be visiting next week.

Donations are now coming in regularly... please take the time to read this...

Even $5 helps...please do not think that your donation is too small to matter... it all adds up!

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And in Canada...

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  1. Kevin, Spending 50 bucks to take care of your feet is not a bad investment! :-) Buy those comfortable sandals!

    1. I think that Kevin needed to clarify what he meant by sandals because he wasn't talking about decent walking sandals, he was talking about flip flop, beach type sandals that he would use mostly when we are in beach areas and for a bit of walking but not good solid walking. This is why he wasn't prepared to spend that much money. He spent good money one time on Reef sandals and they didn't last any longer than a much cheaper pair so he is very gun shy on spending that kind of money again, only to have them fall apart too soon.

  2. and tell us what those comfortable sandals are. Thanks! :-)

    1. He didn't notice what the name of the flip flop slides were.

  3. I agree! You should buy those sandals.

    1. These are not decent walking sandals that he is talking about, just flip flop slide-ins for using at the beach, in the shower and for a bit of light walking. He isn't about to spend that kind of money again for this type of sandal, seeing the last pair of expensive flip flops didn't last any longer than some of the cheaper ones that he has bought in the past.

  4. Replies
    1. We don't when it comes to hiking shoes but for causal flip flop slide-ins he is not about to spend that kind of money! He said he will find a comfortable pair of flip flops at a much better price a some point during our trip. We are pretty much done with the beach now anyways.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Elaine! Kevin thinks it was about 5 feet or so, maybe a touch longer.


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