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Saturday, February 15, 2020

The donations are rolling in...

Yesterday was a relax day with nothing planned for the group. Roger went scuba diving and Larry went snorkeling along with him. They went out in a boat to a couple of different dive sites.

The diving was not the highlight though... while they were out there a big humpback whale put on a show for them that lasted about 45 minutes, including coming right out of the water and doing spins and flips and everything. They got some video footage so I'll try to post it another day for you.

The boat captain even said they had never seen anything like it and of course he is out there all the time.

Aron, Owenita, and Mona went back over to Playa la Entrega where they were having some sort of fishing derby fiesta. Lots of people and music and stuff going on.

The rest of us just hung around the campground and relaxed. Had a few games of Qwirkle and just tried to stay cool in the shade.

Oh, and we did some more wildlife viewing. We walked to the lady who does tacos for the workers and had lunch there again. We have to walk through a mangrove swampy area to get there, and on the way we saw this big fellow...

A mature male green iguana.

He was about five feet long, and a big thick fellow. Probably weighed a hundred pounds or more.

Playa Tangolunda... the beach behind the campground.

On the way back, our big prehistoric friend had turned around and was now facing us...

The male green iguana turns shades of orange during mating season.

Golden cheeked woodpecker.

Hello there!

On to other news...

Thursday evening we announced our fundraising efforts for the Hogar Infantil Orphanage in Ocozocuatla, Chiapas.

Very happy to say that we are up to over $1,700 already after only a day and a half... more than halfway to our goal!

Please... take the time to read the following and send us a few dollars for the kids...


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And in Canada...

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  1. We saw iguanas in Barbados and Bermuda but never that big!

    1. Yep, this was definitely a really big guy and so beautiful too!

  2. Beautiful woodpecker, and quite old iguana based on size. Just added to the pot :)

    1. He was definitely a mature iguana but I think it would be hard to say if he was really old or old, he sure was big though.

      Thank you very much for your contribution! We look forward to showing you how the money gets spent. :-)

  3. Wonderful pictures Kevin and Ruth. That guy was HUGE! Woodpecker gorgeous and that beach is just what the doctor should order for me. Just had surgery so I'm a bit broke, but I wish you all the luck in reaching your goals.

    1. We are glad that you enjoyed the pictures. Yes, that iguana certainly was huge and so handsome too.

      No worries about sending money, some people can and some can't and we get that. We are sure that we reach our goal and even if we don't we will still have money to buy the orphanage some much needed supplies. :-)

  4. That Iguana albeit gorgeous looking would scare the goose pimples out of me if I saw it close up! Good luck on your fundraising efforts. Looking forward to seeing the whale videos.

    1. Good thing that he wasn't so close to the boardwalk going to the beach then, lol. It is also a good thing that Kevin has such a great zoom on his camera. :-)

      Thank you for your's and Paul's donation, it is very much a appreciated.

  5. Great shot of the woodpecker sticking his head out!

  6. 100 lbs, that's what I weigh!!!! That iguana is a beast -- but a handsome one. Love the golden cheeked woodpecker peering out of his nest. Beautiful shot. I'm sorry I can't give to the orphanage fundraiser right now as I am completely tapped out with dog charities and buying food to feed the street dogs here. Thank you for taking on such a worthy cause!

    1. It was only a guessamate but I think Kevin was off on the weight, there is no doubt thought that he was a very big boy.

      No worries Emily, dogs are also a great charity to be working with here in Mexico. :-)


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