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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Some photos of the orphanage

When we arrived here, it was on Sunday. So there were quite a few visitors about, spending some time with the kids. There are somewhere around 70 children who live here, but not all of them are orphans. Some simply come from dysfunctional families who can no longer care for them properly, and so Sunday is family day.

But Sunday is also family day for the employees and caregivers here. So the directors and the people we need to coordinate with were not here either... they were spending time with their own families.

But on Monday morning, we met with the head director. We explained that we would probably end up with well over 50,000 pesos ($3,500 CAD, $2,700 USD) to use towards whatever she decided their priorities are. One thing she mentioned quickly was a new freezer for their kitchen. And then, some furniture for the girl's living area.

Those were just a couple of the larger ticket items that came to mind right away. But there will be a LOT of other smaller items as well. They are making a list up for us, and Friday will be shopping day. And of course we will buy the kids some fun things as well.

They have four RV sites here, but lots of room for other rigs dry camping.

The Hogar Infantil has a lot of its own livestock....




A face only a mother could love!

I went around and took some photos for you at a time when there weren't many people around. They have some new rules here that they don't want visitors taking photos of the kids without permission. Of course from a distance is okay.

The basketball court.

The chapel.

The main building contains a hall, the office, and meal facilities.

The girl's residence.

The two boy's residences.


This mural is new!

The playground equipment is pretty dated.

More playground stuff.

Our group!

They have a nice big soccer field.

When the kids get home from school, they have a variety of chores to do, and then it is meal time. But after supper is free time...

Kids doing what kids like to do!

For our own supper, most of us went to a seafood restaurant a very short distance down the road . A few of our group had checked out the menu earlier and said that it was very inexpensive. Most shrimp dishes were only 90 pesos ($6.40 CAD, $4.85 USD) and a bucket of 6 cold beers was 130 pesos ($9.25 CAD, $7.00 USD).

Having a fun meal out!

The people at the table next to us were having a fun meal out too!

The little girl at the table next to us was too cute. She thought that our guy Roy looked like Santa Claus. She was quite thrilled to go sit on Santa Claus's lap.

Roy with the little girl.

Shrimp brochette.
We were stuffed!

Today, we leave the RV's here at the orphanage while we take the group to San Cristobal de las Casas for a two night stay. We rented a minivan and driver for the period, and a big house for us all to stay in for the two nights. Should be fun! We are headed out at 9:00am.

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  1. I noticed from the mural that the entrance arch is still 13'1½" tall haha.

    1. Lol, yep it still is, glad that you took note of that! :-P


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