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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Puerto Escondido (day 7)

Had another great day yesterday. Went for a walk up to the highest point overlooking the beach, then sat and watched the surfers, then went to la Barra for late afternoon dinner.

First, we went for a walk before it got too hot. Lindsey stayed behind and had a nap while Ruth and I took Cameron in his stroller. Made it to a spot where there is a beautiful view...

Playa Zicatela looking towards the city of Puerto Escondido.

The Playa Zicatela area is growing with quite a few places under construction. It is odd to see very nice houses right next door to a family living in a cabana. It's not like where there are "nice" neighbourhoods versus "poor" neighbourhoods. Everybody just lives together.

The house is nice, but I could just as easily live in the cabana!

The roads in these neighbourhoods essentially look like this. But, you don't have to worry about people speeding because there are too many bumps. And, property taxes are only about $60 a year! 

Then we went and relaxed on the beach for a few hours. The waves were pretty good today and there were a lot of surfers out. Playa Zicatela is a world renowned surfing beach with many international competitions held here. This is not really surfing season because the waves swell TWICE as big in the May through August period.

Some of these guys are really good!

Cameron got tired watching the surfers.

Later in the afternoon we went over to Alfredo's mother's place where Mary was making "Pollo a la Barbacoa" for everyone. It's more like a chicken stew than it is barbeque, so not sure where the name comes from! 

Mary, cooking in Sylvia's kitchen.

Dinner cooking!

The finished product...yummm!

Today we are moving Sherman over to la Barra. We've kind of changed our plans a bit. Originally we were going to take Sherman down to Huatulco about 2 hours south of here, and then back here where one of us would get Lindsey and Cameron back to Acapulco on a bus. But that would make a long travel day for them, so instead we will stay in this area for another week and then drive Sherman back to Acapulco. Not sure where we'll head from there, but maybe up to Mexico City.


  1. We were in Mexico City many years ago. I'd love to see how it is now from your perspective.

  2. Just wondering if you encounter any mosquitos, gnats, "no-seeums" or other bugs that are not fun and if so, how do you deal with them?

  3. Love the peacefulness of the small villages there. Ths surf and dinner looks awesome too!

  4. Hi Mike...hardly any mosquitos, maybe for an hour in the evening, but not bad. Yes there are sand fleas (or gants or no-seeums, whatever they're called). We haven't had to put any bug spray on yet, but we all have a few itchy bites on our legs. They are not bad though.

  5. Little Cameron sleeps in the same position as me! LOL
    Babies sleep so soundly, it's like watching an angel.

  6. I really like the photos you are sharing. Have never been to places like those so it is nice seeing it through your eyes!

  7. After almost a month in an rv park in Rio Grande Valley, I'm done. Can't wait to get back to Mexico and we may not be home more than two weeks before we take off for the beaches of southwestern Mexico.

  8. nice to see the cabana's are mixed with the nice places...everyone living in harmony...cameron looks so sweet sleeping there on the beach...

  9. You've got me hooked on Puerto Escondido. I just HAVE to visit there one day. Have you ever read John Calypso's blog? He and his wife live part time in Veracruz and part time in Puerto Escondido which is where they are now. Here's their website link:

    Anyway.... Cameron sure is cute!


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