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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Uruapan (day 3)

Yesterday morning we walked 4.5 kms to El Centro. Fortunately, the route took us through the National Park that is located right in the city! This park is special because the Cupatitzio River has it's underground source at the beginning of the park. Throughout the park, underground springs continue to add water to the river, and by the time it reaches 10 kms south of the source it becomes the beautiful Tzararacua Waterfalls.

It costs 25 pesos ($1.90) each to enter the park. There was hardly anybody around and at times it felt like we had the place to ourselves despite the fact that the park is located in a city of 240,000 people!

Ruth, at the underground source of the Cupatitzio River.

They have built up this park using the water and many of the paths lead to both natural and man made waterfalls. It's done quite nicely and you can easily spend a couple of hours exploring.

And this was all very nice, but we wanted to see the BIG waterfall. For this, you have to go 10 kms (6 miles) south. Ruth had read that you can catch a local city bus to the Tzararacua Falls from the central plaza, but the bus only runs once every hour. So we exited the park and made our way to the plaza. We asked at a hotel, and found the bus stop. We waited, and waited, and almost gave up. Turns out that we had just missed a bus, and had to wait 50 minutes for the next one! But at the time we didn't know that, so it wasn't like we could go wander around and come back. Anyhow, got on the bus, and paid 7 pesos (53 cents!) for the 10 km bus ride. By the time we got to the falls, there was only one other couple on the bus with us.

Made it to the falls, and as soon as you get off the bus there are men with horses wanting you to pay them to take you down to the falls. Why might you need a horse, you ask? Well, because there are 565 steps to get down to the viewing area! Of course we told them we wanted to walk, and off we went. The other couple took horses.

The falls are actually better than the pictures make them out to be. In fact, I was indifferent as to even going to the falls in the first place, but Ruth wanted to see them so I tagged along. But I'm glad I did because they are quite spectacular. Again, I had to try a couple of panorama shots to try and get them all in, and the lighting was goofy with bright sun on one side and shade on the other, but here's the best I could do....

The Tzararacua Falls

La Cascade Tzararacua

On the other side of the river. Slippery because of the mist from the falls!

We sat and had our lunch at the falls. The bus driver had told us he would return in two hours, but I think he was telling us that we should allow two hours because one wouldn't be enough. He was probably right, but we still had to wait around back at the top for the bus to return.

Heading back up the 565 steps!

When the bus arrived, exactly two hours later, we got on with the other couple. As we were about to leave, a girl comes running up to get on the bus. After all, it would be at least another hour until the next bus, so she didn't want to miss it. She got on, and then we saw her boyfriend coming, trying not to spill the two large cups of beer they had just bought at one of the little restaurants by the parking area! It was too funny, and we all laughed. The driver lets him on with the beer, and he hands one to me! Try that with your local city bus in Canada and you'd probably get arrested! I love Mexico!

This morning, we are heading for the beach. Should be about 265 kms (165 miles) so we are getting an early start to get through the city. After that, it is a toll road to the coast so should be a fairly easy drive. Planning on a beach just a little north of Zihuatanejo, so we will have had the last of our chilly nights!

(Ruth updated some of your questions from yesterday's blog. If you go back to the comments section, you can view her responses.)


  1. Here another great day of sights, Boy Kevin you sure must have looked thirsty when that amigo got on the bus, did you have your tongue hanging out like Rigg's would.Those Falls are really neat. Woke up and it was snowing, and then Shana called and asked me to get Adam for the weekend so I ended up driving 50 miles in it. Even with 4 wheel drive I hate driving in the snow, Got about 4 inchs and as soon as I got home it stopped snowing. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. Great shots of the falls. Sounds like a great place to at least visit for a day or two.

  3. I can understand why you enjoyed those falls. Beer on the bus? Interesting...

  4. only in Mexico would beer on the bus be allowed!..sounds and looks like you all had a great day!! least she didn't hand the bus driver the beer?

  5. Your photos turned out beautiful, you really need to do some research on writing a travelogue of Mexico, especially since you keep such $$ detail.
    One thing you mention time after time that I would just love....HORSES..... I love riding and would be the first one to hop and say giddy up. :-)

  6. Love the waterfall looks spectacular like you said. And a cup of beer for the bus ride is good, but not in Canada for sure!

  7. your pics are out of this are definitely connected with on the bus...way to go...definitely not in canada eh?

  8. I'm glad you went to the falls too - we get to see it too! My hubby would love that beer on the bus too. I'm afraid if we went to Mexico we may never come back.

  9. Spectacular!

    Hope you are heading to Troncones! Say hi to Chuck & Sandy for us!

  10. Thanks for this wonderful post with all the waterfall pictures. I can't wait to go there.

  11. We are thoroughly enjoying seeing the places we did not get a chance to visit before leaving Mexico. Thanks!

  12. I have to agree that the falls looks so beautiful! But I must give you kudos on the 565 steps... and I notice that Ruth is usually in front. LOL! I'm not so sure I could make it to the top without a piggyback ride.

    Thanks for the info on your travel guides. We won't leave for Mexico without them!

    Grace (& Steve) in Tucson

  13. Wow!! You guys are killing me... I am thinking about dropping you from my list of blog I follow... I am dying with envy. From my office in Ottawa I see a fall... but it is a fall of snow :) Not too sure if you remember how it feel!

  14. What an awesome day you two had! Thanks for taking me along with your pictures.
    (22 degrees here, snow and a wind chill of ZERO, Missouri for you where yesterday it was 58 degrees!)

  15. I agree with Richard's comment! The only "FALLS" we were seeing here are the falling snowflakes!!!!


    (green with envy)

    Karen and Steve
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