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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Playa Ventura (day 2)

30C (86F) every day. Clear blue sky every day. No need to check the weather forecast because it's exactly the same, every day! From here south to the Guatemala border it is rare to have a cloudy day in the winter.

And so, we just lazed around and enjoyed the perfect weather. I've decided that if we ever have a house again, it must have a hammock!

Cameron and Lindsey enjoying a hammock.

Sherman, parked up by the pool.

Cameron, enjoying the beach.

Did you know that "shrimp" in Spanish is "camaron". So guess what? Cameron has a new nickname! When the Mexicans ask his name, we have to say it real fast like "Camrun", otherwise they laugh at his name! Too funny.

Today, we have a long driving day...276 kms (171 miles) and we've done this drive before so we know it takes almost six hours in the motorhome. Puerto Escondido this afternoon!


  1. Oh my goodness. "Shrimp" is a DOLL. I love that picture!!! He looks like such a happy and content little guy. How are you every going to let him go home?
    Safe travels.

  2. Gotta love the winter climate there, we enjoyed one winter of perfect days there and do miss it.

  3. What perfect weather. Love the header of the little Shrimp! He is so cute.

  4. He is the cutest shrimp I ever saw!!! have a safe trip. Angela

  5. Well the Shrimp looks like he's a happy camper.

    You might also want to avoid calling him "Tonto". That would be unfortunate.

  6. What a cutie. Shrimp was my dad's nickname for me (I am a little vertically challenged. The weather looks beautiful.

  7. Ha-ha, that's funny that it means shrimp.

  8. The Shrimp is adorable. He looks like he knows he is paradise and being truly loved.

  9. Shrimp is adorable and is he ever safe!!

  10. your 'shrimp' is so cute!!..and the hammock?..looks like a mighty good place to laze away an afternoon!!


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