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Friday, January 20, 2012

Acapulco (day3)

Yesterday was a "relax" day. We pretty much just hung around the RV park for the day except Ruth walked down to the end of the road with Lindsey and Cameron just to show them the area and buy a popsicle!

We've stayed at Acapulco Trailer Park before and we have paid 250 pesos ($19.25) per night. The other day when I went to pay, they decided they wanted 350 pesos! I was prepared to drive away because there's no way we would have paid that. I told them they could have 350 pesos for one night, or they could have 750 pesos for three nights. Strangely enough, they charged us 700 pesos for three nights. No idea where that came from, but that's what we paid. However their monthly rates are not too bad.

Long term beachfront sites for 5,800 pesos ($450) per month. 

Our beach looks south towards Acapulco.

Ruth, Lindsey, and Cameron

Cameron, having some play time!

We're heading out this morning, about a three hour drive further south. 


  1. Nice to have a relaxing day with Lindsay and Cameron, and that you were able to negotiate a better price for you site.

  2. The prices sure beat the Keys prices...

  3. Looks like Cameron is soaking up the sun,hope the water is warm enough so he can have some splashy fun, be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  4. Colin says you should write a book on negotiation!

  5. Thanks for the close up of Cameron. What a cutie.

  6. Good on you for putting your foot down on the cost issue. Looks like it is nice there!

  7. Cameron seems to have taken to the "bare foot" program!


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