Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Near Holwerd, Netherlands.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Just wandering the Netherlands.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Barra de Colotopec

Yesterday morning, we moved Sherman to our friends house in Barra de Colotepec. Or simply called, "la Barra" by the locals. On the way, we stopped by a hotel that has RV sites and used one of the dump stations to empty our tanks. They charged us 50 pesos ($4.00) to do that. There was only one RV there, a fifth wheel from Quebec.

At la Barra, we got ourselves parked up beside Hermelindo and Sylvia's taqueria. Hermelindo is with the Mexican Ministerial Police and works in Oaxaca city, often for two weeks at a time, so Sylvia operates the taqueria restaurant to keep herself busy while he's gone.

Sherman, parked up in Barra de Colotepec.

In the afternoon, we went into Puerto Escondido with Mary and Nataly. We went to the market and bought new sandals...two pairs for Ruth, and one for me. We bought them from the same guy who sold me a pair over a year ago...at the same price...100 pesos ($8.00) per pair. These are good quality sandals, and the tag on them says a suggested retail price of $24.99 U.S.

Lindsey, Cameron, and Ruth having carnitas.

Cameron and Nataly were hungry so we stopped and had carnitas. Tortillas and 1/2 kg of shredded pork for  100 pesos ($8.00) was enough to feed us all and we ended up only making a salad for dinner later on.

Hermelindo had gone out in his car last night, and when he arrived back he called us outside.

Papayas anyone?

Where he came up with all of these papayas, who knows? Anyhow, they set out to show us how to prepare papayas. Did you know that there is a special way...?

First, you make several shallow cuts in the papaya skin. Only into the skin, not deep enough to cut into the fruit. This allows the acid in the skin to drain out!

Then, you leave them to sit overnight.

Hopefully today we will find out what the fresh papaya tastes like!


  1. Genius...I always wondered why my papaya had that taste compared to fruit stand taste, if your coming back this way I could check out a good parkin spot if ya like? Safe travels!

  2. I've never had papaya at home. Had no idea you would have to drain the acid out of them.

  3. We only had papaya once and didn't like ti. Maybe because it wasn't prepared correctly. I will have to give it a try again only this time I will be sure it was prepared correctly.

  4. When you buy papaya in a store like Farm Boy often it is already cut in half. Wonder if they prepare it first, I never looked. I just thought it didn't agree with me.

  5. Good info, now how to I find really fresh papaya:(

  6. I know nothing about papayas so this will be a great lesson.

  7. Details and more details please....have NEVER heard of this. Usually we let the papaya sit for several days till it is almost going bad then cut into it for the great tasting fruit. I can hardly wait for your next report.

  8. Can you share with us where in the market you got your sandals? We would love to find a good pair of shoes!

    1. Hi Sue, the place that we went is the weekend market area that is behind the regular market. It is usually set up on the weekends and is a street northwest of the regular market and is covered with tarps. The actual vendor was quite a bit towards the back and in the centre isle, they had quite a selection.


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