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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Another hike!

This time, we did about 7.5 kms (4.5 miles) but it included going up 580 steps!

About 15 minutes away from where Sherman is parked there is a hill we wanted to go up for a view, and there is a stairway with 580 steps to get up there! But first, we hiked a path around the hill to the farmland behind the nearby town of San Jeronimo.

We walked around the hill, but where the path came out it was easier to go into the town and see what was there. 

The church was nothing special, inside or out.

But once again, it was decorated for Three Kings Day

The streets weren't very busy. Not with cars, anyhow!

Then, we walked to "the hill". Jorge had told us that there was a restaurant at the top of this hill, and although you can drive or walk the corkscrew dirt road up the hill, there are also 580 steps that take you directly to the top. We are always up for a challenge!

The bottom of the 580 steps.

The view from step #300. Yes, we were counting!

Taking a break at step #500.

The very worthwhile view from the top!

Looking south towards the city of Patzcuaro which is at the far end of the lake. Can you spot Sherman in this photo??

We took the circular road back down to the bottom. Went back to Sherman and had some lunch, then waited outside by the road to take the combi taxi into the town of Quiroga. You just flag them down when they go by. It costs 10 pesos (76 cents) each for the 11.5 km (7 mile) ride. Then, on the way back, you just tell them where you want off. This was a grocery shopping trip for us, so no photos. We had Jorge over to the motorhome for dinner and we talked about the other places to explore. We could easily spend another week here, but we are going to move to the nearby city of Uruapan on Sunday or Monday because there is a lot to see there as well!


  1. You two are just surround with beauty on all sides.

  2. That took a lot of work to build all those steps let alone walk up them.

  3. I have been a reader for a few months now. Great blog. But you guys sure do travel a lot. I happen to be in Patzcuaro now at the Villa Patzcuaro hotel and RV Park, but only for a few days, then up towards Guadalajara.

  4. Sure a nice area, but 580 steps wow, that was a workout for sure.

  5. Did you go to the island and check out the statue of Morales? NOT TO BE MISSED!! one of the highlights of mexico - inside, next to the circular stairway to the top, is painted the history of Mexico by Diego Rivera. Then, to top it all off, you can go through a little door onto his shoulder. The view is tremendous!

  6. The photos of San Jeranimo are spectacular. 500 steps - uff dah!

  7. O got tired just reading about that stairway, you guys sure have a great area to explore.Have fun and Be safe out there, Sam & Donna...

  8. Talk about an aerobic workout, even going down would be a workout. Enjoy your blog and the sites you see.

  9. Wow what a wonderful hike ~ it tired me out just looking at the photos.
    Have fun & Travel safe

  10. I am sooo glad you took pics from the top so we could see, because there ain't no way no how I am gonna ever climb those steps myself! whew!!!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  11. wow what a hike and stair climbing two should be a on a fitness commercial...I am tuckered out just reading...have fun

  12. It looks like the view was worth all the effort. Great photos! I especially liked the one of the busy streets.

  13. With no consistent wifi I am sooooo behind on you guys - but beautiful pics as always!

  14. An impressive lake. You take awesome photos! I bet you were tired at the top of the steps but I'm sure the view was worth it!


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