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Monday, January 2, 2012


We have eaten birria four times in the last week! Yesterday, we were all invited to Sal's aunt's house for a birria family get together. What is birria, you ask...?

Birria is a type of stew made with either goat or beef. The liquid base is made using a variety of dried roasted peppers. You eat birria with a corn tortilla and rice or beans and onions and cilantro. This is a traditional Mexican dish often served during Christmas festivities and weddings. Birria had it's origin in the state of Jalisco which is where we are now, but birria can be found all over Mexico. There are often birria stands at the side of the road.

The big pot of birria...this is after most of us have already been fed!

A backyard family feast.

This is a very old house.

The old house has been added on to several times. Sal says he remembers as a boy that this was just a four room adobe house that didn't even have any windows. Sal's aunt and uncle were not well off, but they raised 14 children in this little four room house! One boy went on to become a lawyer, and one is now a doctor in Mexico City. In Mexico, if you have ambition you can still do well even if you come from a poor family! 

Enjoying a birria feast!

This morning, we are off to tour a local moonshine mezcal factory!


  1. Such party animals, looks like still another great get together and the birria sounds like very interesting dish. Its nice to see hat even in Mexico you can do it if you have the ambition.
    And the moonshine mezcal factory really sound interesting, can't wait.

  2. 14 kids in 4 rooms...God Bless them. Thanks for explaining what birria is. I had no idea. This the type of get togethers Paul and I enjoy. Kick, relax and enjoy!

  3. You guys really enjoy life ~
    Happy New Year again

  4. Knowing Sal is a goldmine. Another great get together with delicious looking food.

    A friend gave us some rural Virginia Peach moonshine when we were there over the holidays. Boy does that have a KICK. good luck tomorrow. :-)

  5. interesting 'stew'!..not too sure about goat meat though?..
    it is amazing that even from a poor family two stars can rise!!..good for them!!

  6. Can you explain the Squirt & tequila? I just don't get that combo or the taste!!

  7. That stuff (Birria) looks great, anything goopy and sloppy is always good, tell Kevin if he ever gets to Italy and orders a birra he will get a bottle of beer.Looks like you guys are having a great time as usual. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  8. Sounds like a very yummy meal. And boy the stories that house could tell if it was able.

  9. What an interesting meal, and so many people there, too. What a great way to enjoy the day.

  10. Birria? Me gusto mucho.... love cabrito and real Mexican food... keep enjoying the culture they offer...

  11. Birrias sound yummy. 14 children in a 4 bedroom house must have been a challenge. Hope you Moonshine tour went well!

  12. That birria really sounds good. Have you guys gone to the barbacoa de borrego on sunday's? That is really good. Happy New Year!

  13. Sue and Doug...This birria was made with beef but back in February I had one made with goat and I was a little worried about it but it tasted great.

    Contessa...Around here most people have tequila either straight or as a mixed drink with either Squirt or Coke. Kevin is not a big lover of tequila by itself but when we had it last year at a fiesta served with Squirt he enjoyed it. At the Christenings and weddings this past week that was the only drink served. You should give it a try, it is good!

    Paul...Just want to clarify that the house was 4 rooms not a 4 bedroom house. There were actually only 2 bedrooms for all those children.

    Chris...No, we didn't go to the barbacoa as they don't start that up until the spring when it is a little warmer in the mountains. We did go today to see where they hold it though.

    Kevin and Ruth


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