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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Playa Ventura

We were a little late getting started yesterday, and we left Acapulco Trailer Park just before 10:00am. First thing we had to do was to stop for gas. And this is where we encountered a minor problem.

We knew that our cash was running low, down to just under 1,000 pesos. We're usually a little more prepared than that, but we knew it was easily enough to do us for the weekend providing we could buy gas with a credit card. Not all gas stations in Mexico accept credit cards, but in the larger urban areas it's not a problem. And, we had been to this gas station last year and had used a credit card. But this time, the attendant said they had been having problems with their system and she suggested we put the charge through first to make sure it was accepted. Sure enough, it was declined, and we tried another card and same problem. So I put in 500 pesos worth of gas and paid in cash, but I knew we would need more to complete our journey.

So now, we need more gas, and we need cash as well.

Yesterday's drive 176 kms (110 miles).

We continued on our route and stopped twice at other gas stations who said no to using a credit card to pay. Then, we came across an OXXO store (similar to a 7-11) and they usually have an ATM. But, this one didn't. So we carried on and eventually came to another one. This one had an ATM...but it was out of service!

Watch for cattle on the main highway!

As we neared our destination for the weekend, (with gas now running on reserves, and still no cash!) we came to another Pemex just south of the town of Copala. We had been through several towns, and ultimately I could have parked the motorhome and made my way by bike or on foot to the central area where there was sure to be an ATM, and that is what I would have done had we been desperate. Anyhow, we got lucky at this Pemex, the pumps were all brand new electronic versions and they even had a sign saying they now accept credit cards.

And watch for pigs on the back roads!

So now Sherman has lots of gas, and we will survive the weekend with the four hundred and something pesos  (around $40) in cash that we have.

That should be enough, because the place we are staying only charges 30 pesos ($2.30) per person per night!

The view out Sherman's front window, for under 100 pesos ($7.80) per night.

This is the fourth time we have stayed with this family. They have a small swimming pool, and some rustic showers and bathrooms. And, they overlook a beautiful beach where we will spend most of our time watching for the whales and dolphins to go by.

There is only enough room here for one small motorhome and really it is geared towards tent campers. But we have the place to ourselves so far and they are happy to have us return.

This is where I will be spending most of the weekend!

Cameron is happy to be here!


  1. Finally got gas and not much gas, glad you found a spot. Loved Copala!

  2. George.....not the Copala here near Mazatlan but south of Acapulco.

    Kevin....did you ever drive way and around, even we drove thru Acapulco towing!!

  3. You are braver than me Contessa! No way was I driving through Acapulco. I've done the route around before and it's a lot easier on my nerves.

  4. In our motorhome I used to get nervous when the tank started getting down past half way. I think I would have been getting really tense. I'll run the little car we have down to a quarter tank, but it's a diesel and we could drive the rest of the week on a quarter tank.
    I'm guessing it'll be a long, long time before you have that experience again.
    Just a hunch.

  5. I would have been so so nervous! But glad to see we aren't the only ones that get into sticky situations! I'm glad it worked ok.

  6. I sure appreciate your little maps. Thanks for posting them. I'm glad your hair-raising day had a happy, relaxing ending.

  7. That must be sooo stressful. Running low on gas and no cash!


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