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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Villa Patzcuaro Hotel and RV Park

We are at the Villa Patzcuaro Hotel and RV Park. This is a perfect spot to explore the town and surrounding area.

We are at GPS location 19.53388 -101.61088

With full hookups, they charge between 160 pesos ($12.16) and 200 pesos ($15.20) per night depending on the size of your rig. They also have a nice tenting area where you could set up a tent for 70 pesos ($5.32) per person. Included in the price is use of the swimming pool, internet, and hot showers (of which I am about to take advantage of one!). And, the internet is fast!

The swimming pool.

They have 24 sites in behind the hotel. Right now, there are seven rigs here, including Sherman. It's a little bit of tight entranceway, but I think just about any size rig would fit in here with slow and careful driving. In fact, there was a larger fifth wheel here the other day, and one of the rigs here just now is 34 ft, so anything goes. Maybe a little tight maneuvering if the park was really busy, but still, it's good for any size rig.

We're also walking distance to the Bodega Aurrera (Walmart owned) and the collectivos and taxis go by right outside on the main road. And walking to downtown (el centro) is only about a half hour, and maybe 20 minutes to the boats to the island. And if you don't have an RV, they have great room rates as well.

Now that we're here, we'd like to stay longer! But, Uruapan is calling and there's lots to see there as well!

Check back Monday morning to see what else we did today...more stairs!


  1. Oh, noooooooooo! More two are amazing. Looks like a nice place to stay for awhile.

  2. You guys win for the best header pics - for sure! Another great one!

  3. Trying to catch up now that I have internet again. I need to go back and check out the stairs so I'm ready for the ones tomorrow.

  4. You sure do find some nice parks to stay in.

  5. Yep, one very fine park. (and the senora of the dry camping area roasts one very fine pollo with all the trimmings.)

  6. Mike...You make one mean salad. Enjoyed your company!

    Kevin and Ruth

  7. Love the header photo! looks like a great place to stay, but I am chicken to go to Mexico. Maybe I'll build up the courage by reading great blogs like yours.

    Mike and Dee

  8. Looks like a great location to stop. The header photo is fantastic.

  9. Stunning header photo!!! Looks so lovely there!

  10. no doubt the island of Isla Janitzio beckons one to pay it a visit...

  11. Another great camp find at those great Mexican prices. Maybe I should print out your blog and bind it so it's my travel guide when I get there.

  12. super looking camp..great two find the neatest places....enjoy


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