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Monday, January 16, 2012


Yesterday morning we did the short 35 km (22 mile) drive into Zihuatanejo. We parked in the large Commercial Mexicana grocery store parking lot while I walked into El Centro to make sure that the same parking spot we used last February was available once again.

And the parking spot was still there, however the restaurant that was there was gone. There was a caretaker guy though because he collects money from buses that want to park there on the weekends. He charged us 100 pesos ($7.60) to park for the night.

Then we went for a walk around town. I don't think there are as many tourists in town this year, however I think there may have been a cruise ship in port last year when we were here so that would make a difference. Still, things seem pretty quiet.

The fishing boat harbor.

The pleasure craft harbor seems busy enough though.

Zihuatanejo was built up around a pretty cove.

After lunch we wandered over to the apartment that John and Wendy have. These are the parents of one of my oldest friends (and the best man at our wedding!) and they have an apartment here for a couple of months. We found them just finishing their lunch at a restaurant nearby. Went back to their apartment and chatted and got their internet and laptop working for them. They only arrived yesterday, so John wanted a nap. Wendy suggested she take us on the local bus to a nearby beach in the Ixtapa resort area. 

Ixtapa, Cancun, and Huatulco are all planned tourism communities built by Fonatur, the Mexican tourism authority. They have all the big all inclusive hotels. Ixtapa itself is only about 10 kms (6 miles) north of Zihuatanejo.

We went to Playa Quieta where the Club Med resort is. The tall building you see is a large condo apartment just being completed. I don't know how they'll sell all of those units. The building is huge.

The four of us went to Papas Locos (The Crazy Potato) for dinner. They do up these huge stuffed baked potatoes. It was a busy place, and very popular. I can see potato each and we were stuffed!

Wendy, John, and Ruth at "Papa Locos".

This morning we are headed out early once again. We have already moved from our overnight parking spot, and are now parked at the big grocery store waiting for it to open. Then, we head further south....need to be in Acapulco tomorrow!


  1. A Touristy spot for sure, but nice to stop and visit with friends along the way.

  2. I swear half of the world's supply of white patio chairs are in all the Latin countries! Just sayin'.

  3. I have to look up how to pronounce Zihuatanejo. Looks like a tongue twister. We are still in awe how you two know so many people in Mexico. How wonderful to travel in a foreign country and meet up with friends. Safe travels.

  4. how nice to visit with your dear your pictures..feel like I'm there...and I should be there :)

  5. Looks so pretty on that beach, we have -29c right now, so envy where you are for sure!


  6. Love the Mexican town names. For those of us who are spanish challenged, could you please give us a hint (phonics) on how these names are pronounced ? Thanks for the adventure.
    Okanagan Al

  7. We've never been to the Pacific side of Mexico. Ixtapa is a place I've considered for a vacation. I love the all inclusives when its just time to relax.

  8. Thanks for the pronunciation guide. That really helped. :)

  9. I stayed at that club med back in 1996. The area looks a lot busier now than back then.

  10. We stayed in a condo at Ixtapa a few years ago. We enjoyed our stay and visited Zihuatanejo too. We were able to get a great massage on the beach for only $20. Enjoy your stay.

  11. Looks like a nice place to spend time on a boat.

  12. Looks a real pretty spot! Sounds like dinner was yum!

  13. Looks a real pretty spot! Sounds like dinner was yum!

  14. Here's a quick trick for Spanish works. The vowels are always the same ah eh ee oo(as in okay) and uu (as in oops). The do not ever change. Spanish does not have long and short vowels as does Ingles. There are lots more rules but, that one really got me started. It is such fun to learn espanol' and very rewarding to use it with success. I just had to memorize as I went but, had some great teacher's. Love your beautiful blog and am just sooo jealous. Cindy, Herb, and Boo too

  15. Of course, I can't spell in english. Words, not Works. DUH


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