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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Playa Troncones (day 2)

The roosters woke us up around 5:30am yesterday, so we got up around 6:30am. Another day in paradise, and we don’t have any real plans for the day. First on the agenda was to find a laundramat and then internet.

The lady who owns the restaurant where we are parked pointed us towards the lavanderia. It’s a little pricey at 18 pesos per kilo (normally between 11 and 13), but they appear to be the only laundry in town. So we sorted out the necessities and dropped it off. It weighed 5 kilos so it will cost 90 pesos ($6.84).  Still not too bad considering it’s all washed, dried, and folded! We can pick it up this morning.

Then, we found a coffee shop a block away that has internet. So we carried the laptops over there and had an orange juice each while using the net.

Afterwards, we went for a walk on the beach.

We came across this girl having the photography done for her quinceanera.

While having lunch, the fruit and vegetable truck came by. This guy carries everything, from avocados to zuccini, and everything in between including eggs. His prices were a little higher than normal, but the produce looked good so we stocked up on a few things just out of convenience.

The produce truck.

As Ruth was paying for the vegetables, a guy on a bike rides up and says “Are you Kevin and Ruth?” Too funny, we got to meet another blog reader. Marty says that he hasn’t actually read the blog since Christmas so he didn’t know that we were here, but he recognized Sherman. Marty and his wife Debi are just finishing building a house here at Playa Troncones and said we should stop by and see it. We were planning on a bike ride yesterday afternoon anyhow, and their place was along the way.

We relaxed in the shade for a couple of hours watching the waves. I had a nap in the hammock. I think I’ll do that again today!

Not a bad place for a nap!

From my point of view...can you tell I am missing shoveling snow and scraping the windshield?

Then we rode our bikes over to Marty and Debi’s place and chatted with them for the rest of the afternoon.

Marty, Debi, and Ruth

Beautiful sunset last night!


  1. Boy Kevin you have the life, I would also rather be in a hammock next to the ocean than plowing snow, usually my window is clean because the truck is in the garage when it snows,first thing started is John Deere. Be safe out there , Sam & Donna...

  2. So glad you are able to enjoy life to the fullest. I have never seen a produce truck with a trailer, he must have lots of stuff.

    If you get to the RV park snap a photo for me.

  3. You are indeed fortunate....warm breezes and sandy beaches would be be pretty wonderful right about now......but i am well adjusted and know that one day i will be there too! Enjoy and savor every minute!

  4. Its a tough life, having a nap ,in a hammock, in the shade watching the waves along the beach. Yes it does beat shovelling snow any day. You just never know where you will run into Blog followers.

  5. Looks super pleasant and I hope to be there in a couple weeks. But you will be gone. Any bug issues there? Any advise on how to avoid the problem if there is one?

  6. I follow a few other travel blogs that are Mexico. Two are on sailboats and two are in RV's. The monthly costs are almost identical.

  7. Isn't this the life? I am sure lying around in the sun gets old after awhile...right? NOT!

  8. We owned property in Troncones 15 years ago. My how things have changed.

  9. GREAT header picture. If I had a hammock in that location I doubt the laundry or anything else would have gotten done. Love the fruit truck! What a great life!!


  10. excellent header shot...kewl fruit guys are living the dream :)

  11. It's a great life! love the hammock photo.

    Mike and Dee

  12. What a fabulous day you had! I think it's cool you met up with someone who follows your blog. You sure looked real relaxed in your hammock! Thanks for visiting my post!

  13. transport me to that hammock and I would be very content too...


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