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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The shore of Lake Patzcuaro

Yesterday was a travel day...a long slow travel day! We only had to drive about 200 kms (124 miles) but between the twisty, windy roads and the topes it was pretty slow going. We figure if you drove non-stop it would take about 5 hours to do this 200 km drive! Once again, never expect to get anywhere quickly driving in Mexico.

We had actually thought about stopping for the night around the half way mark, and we could have done so. But then we decided we would rather have that extra time to explore the Patzcuaro and Uruapan area because there's so much to see.

Yesterday's drive, 200 kms (124 miles)

The city of Zamora is famous for it's strawberry production. 

All of the fields around the city are full of strawberry greenhouses.

Just after Zamora, there is a Mexico National Park. It's called Lago de Camecuaro. This is where we stopped for lunch and went for a walk around the lake. It's a really pretty spot. There's a large parking lot that would fit any size RV. GPS co-ordinates for the parking lot are 19.89998 -102.20608. You could easily park overnight here, but as I said earlier we decided to carry on.

This is an underground spring fed lake, and it's water is crystal clear.

There is a walking path around the lake, and lots of picnic tables.

You can rent a boat and paddle yourself around the lake.

Ruth, watching the boats go by.

The lake is surrounded by these huge ancient cypress trees.

GPS co-ordinates for the huge parking lot are 19.89998 -102.20608

Then we carried on another couple of hours to Lake Patzcuaro. Although there are several RV parks closer to the city of Patzcuaro, we found a couchsurfer host Jorge, who has a house on the west shore of the lake. He has just enough room in his driveway for Sherman to be tucked in to, and although we are 35 kms from the city, this will make a good base for exploring the area. Besides, Jorge has been living here for 20 years and knows the area well. And collectivo buses run right by the road outside so we can take public transportation into town.

The view out our side window this morning. The day is starting off cloudy!

Heading out to do some exploring today....not sure where to first though!


  1. I love the underground spring picture. The roots of the cypress trees are amazing. Looking forward to see what you discover today.

  2. you guys find the neatest areas to camp :)....enjoy exploring!!

  3. Me, too - can't wait to see what you get into today - your travels are so interesting. Have fun today!

  4. Love those ancient cypress trees such a nice scenic area!

  5. I've never seen such huge cypress trees. That spring and lake are beautiful too.

  6. That lake is really lovely...the trees are magnificent....For some reason i don't equate Mexico to having huge cypress trees....surprised again!

  7. Beautiful place. Fantastic trees. Enjoy

  8. I think the super slow pace of the roads would start to drive me a little bonkers.
    But never mind.
    Strawberries? A place that grows strawberries? That's awesome, who cares about the roads? I ain't drivin' them.
    Need pictures of strawberries.


  9. The National Park looks lovely. Some great photos. You write interesting blogs. You sure get to some fantastic places!

  10. How do you find these places to park? You seem to know someone everywhere you stop.

  11. Beautiful park!! And WOW what an amazing cypress. Your photos as always are terrific. Another great plan by you two.


  12. One of our most favorite places in all of Mexico. Be sure to check out all the tiny villages around the lake and the entire are, they are all so specialized.

  13. Looks like another great adventure is beginning.Love the Cypress


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