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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Puerto Escondido (day 3)

Yesterday before lunch, we took a camionetta (a small pickup truck with benches in the back designed to carry passengers) to Barra de Colotepec, the small pueblo where Mary and Alfredo live about 7 kms south of Puerto Escondido.

Once there, we said hello to Alfredo's parents Hermelindo and Silvia

Hermelindo was across the road getting some fresh cocos! He got his machete and quickly made us something to drink. They slice the top off the fresh coco in thin pieces until it breaks through to the milk. Then, you drink it right out of the coconut.

Ruth, Lindsey, and Cameron having some fresh coconut milk.

The girls went into town and did some shopping and went to the dentist. It was a different girl this time, and she said Lindsey didn't need any more work done on that tooth. Strange. Maybe Canadian dentists recommend a cap because it's all about the money? No way, couldn't be that, could it? This consultation didn't cost anything, so perhaps we will get the opinion of another dentist. 

When they came back, they brought the makings for sopes! Ruth and Lindsey helped Silvia make them with a couple of different types of cheese and salsa sauce...

They still do most of their cooking outdoors over firewood.

Mmmm....sopes! (Pronounced so-pays)

Ruth and Lindsey having some kind of homemade popsicles for dessert.

And then it was bath time for Nataly and Cameron.

You might notice from the pictures that these people live very simple lives. By Canadian and U.S. standards, they are poor. But, they always have enough to eat and they have a roof over their heads for when it rains. Their accommodation is simple because they don't need heating or insulation or air conditioning. They are quite happy and don't seem to have the materialistic needs that are so prevalent in Canada or the States. Funny though, almost everyone has a cell phone!

We had a fun day spending time with our friends. Today, Alfredo was given the day off work and the use of his uncle's truck, so they are taking us to a beach a half hour south of here.


  1. haciendacontreras said...
    Can't wait to see the new beach. Communication seems to be a top priority now days for everyone, and its good phones are affordable to most people. Maybe not so cheap as it could be but at least they have them. Took our rvers to Lago de Camecuaro you mentioned on you blog, a great place. Take care you guys and hugs to all.

  2. a day in the life of 'real mexico'!..thanks for sharing!

  3. Trying to catch up with everybody again. I bet they don't have the stress involved with life in the US and Canada as people try to get more stuff.

  4. I love you showing us life in another country! Safe travels for many more postings.
    (37 degrees in Missouri where we are expecting a mix of rain and snow today)

  5. One of the facets of motorhoming is that we can try to live a simpler life without much "stuff." Just look at their happy and content faces! It is so cool!

  6. Now that's more of the Real Mexico, looks like you guys had a fantastic time!

  7. they look very happy indeed!!...nice to see!!...happy homes come in many forms.....

  8. Truly an eye opener to see how simple or complicated we can make our lives. Funny thing is, these families contribute little to global pollution by not being big consumers and builders.

    Energy efficient homes sometimes are made from less than green materials which add to the pollution problem.

    Great pictures and I am wondering if there was rum in Ruth's coco?

  9. an honest simple life...and no stress...they always seem to be happy happy...

  10. The coconut drinks look and sound interesting!

  11. Sometimes I think we would all be happier if we lives as simply as this. Things are not what make us happy, people are. They have it right. :)

  12. I never saw a coconut that big!
    The sopes look delicious. Can't get any fresher than that!
    Thanks for taking us along. What a wonderful way to live!

  13. It's great that you are spending time with Lindsey and Cameron! Must be amazing seeing the whales!

  14. "They are quite happy and don't seem to have the materialistic needs that are so prevalent in Canada or the States. Funny though, almost everyone has a cell phone!" .... Ain't that the truth! I've come across this in many other countries that we've visited. And here, I'd give up the cell phone in a minute.


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