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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Puerto Escondido (day 6)

We relaxed for the morning yesterday, then we took a taxi downtown. For 3 people (plus Cameron!) it costs 15 pesos ($1.20) in total to take the camionetta and we would have had to walk up to the main road. The taxi took us right to where we wanted to go and it was only 30 pesos ($2.40).

We did a few things downtown and then we picked up a pollo asado (roast chicken) deal. For only 60 pesos ($4.80)  you get a whole roast chicken, tortillas, salsa, and rice. We hopped on the camionetta and went out to la Barra where Mary and Alfredo's house is. Alfredo was at work, but Mary and Nataly shared roast chicken lunch with us.

Lindsey, enjoying Mary and Alfredo's hammock.

Mary's kitchen. She does all of her cooking here.

I think Lindsey is going to buy a hammock and bring it back home!

We relaxed in la Barra for a few hours and then took the camionetta back to Playa Zicatela. Lindsey offered to buy everybody supper at Eugenio's restaurant. Dinner for the 6 of us was 740 pesos ($59.20).

Alfredo, Mary, Ruth, Lindsey, Nataly.

Nataly ordered shrimp. Most of the time when you order shrimp here in Mexico they arrive whole, with the head and the shell on. She sat there and picked all the meat out of the shrimp all by herself! And then she ate the rest of her meal! Nataly is only 3 1/2 years old!

And when you order fish, that's exactly what you get!


  1. Another great post that brings back such fond memories for us of our time in Mexico.

  2. Looks like the way they served fish in Spain when I was there. Not being a big fish fan I passed. Natalie is o cute and to finish a big plate like that is really something. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  3. What a great price for six dinners. AND what a BIG fish! I have never seen a 3 1/2 eat shrimp. Great picture of the group!

  4. What a fascinating journey you are on.

  5. Love the fish and I'll bet it was delicious, too.

    Mike and Dee

  6. wow she cleaned it herself..then ate it all..cute little one..great price for dinner for 6...Lindsey looks like shes really enjoying that hammock..


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