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Friday, January 27, 2012

Playa Zicatela

We didn't so much but laze around the beach yesterday, so I figured I'd tell you a little about the place we're staying. It's called El Salvador Restaurant y Cabanas.

Eugenio Salvador owns this beautiful beachfront property near the end of Playa Zicatela just south of the town of Puerto Escondido. (GPS co-ordinates are 15.833777 -97.044725)

This sign painted on the side of the wall lets you know when you're here!

Once you're here, there is a range of accommodation choices available. Prices are very reasonable! He has a large tent camping area for 50 pesos ($4.00) per person and that gives you access to the showers and bathrooms as well. Then, if it's not Christmas or Easter, there is room for one or two small motorhomes for 100 pesos ($8.00) per night, or 150 pesos ($12.00) per night with 15A electricity. There is no water or dump station. At Christmas and Easter it is too busy and they need those spots for parking cars.

The tent camping area.

Then, they have cabanas and a small 6 room hotel. And they are in the process of building a common area where you can just get a bed to sleep in for 80 pesos ($6.40) per night.  The cabanas rent for 200 pesos ($16.00) per night and have a bed and a fan in them. He'll give you a deal if you stay for a week or more!

Cabanas for rent.

They just finished building a brand new cabana!

The 6 room hotel is nice. Every room has a private bathroom and shower. Most rooms have at two beds and one room has three beds. They are all occupied right now, otherwise I would have shown you a picture of the inside. The hotel rooms rent for 400 pesos ($32.00) per night.

The small hotel.

They have a restaurant as well. Eugenio's wife Maria is a GREAT cook! A complete fish dinner is only around 100 pesos ($8.00). You can have a beer with your dinner for only 15 pesos ($1.20) more.

Here is Lindsey enjoying their beach chairs and palapas for shade.

Looking across the bay towards Puerto Escondido.

Cameron likes it here too! (Notice that Cameron is a big Red Sox fan!)


  1. He sure is a happy baby...he might try hitchhiking back to Mexico once he gets back to that cold Canadian winter.

  2. Those cabanas look wonderful. And good food right there with the ocean. What a find.

  3. Is there a common WC area and shower?

  4. cool looking place and it also looks nice and clean...great what are you doing for water and dumping?

  5. Cameron is so cute and looks as if her is thoroughly enjoying his time in Mexico!

    Mike and Dee

  6. That is a lovely sign. Like the idea of relaxing on the beach :-)

  7. The worker in the almost cabana looks mighty comfy resting on the bed and leaving the rest of the work for the other fellow.

    Ahhhh, warm breezes and sounds of the surf....sigh

  8. I can't find this place anywhere on the internet! It's still running?

    1. Yep, still there. You won't find much of an internet presence for them. GPS coordinates are listed in the article above. There seems to be a telephone number 52 954 107 0397 listed on google maps, but I have no idea who will answer if you call, and I would expect it will be Spanish only. We were there in November 2014, and it seemed to have gone downhill a little bit. No idea what it's like now.


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