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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Streets and Trips

You might remember that we won a GPS edition of Microsoft Streets and Trips from Sam and Donna's contest back in February. We installed it on the laptops in early April, but for whatever reason we never really sat down to figure it all out until now.

We never used it at all while touring around Nova Scotia, and I'm not really sure why we didn't. I guess because we already had a normal GPS unit and so it wasn't a priority. However, Streets and Trips has much more detailed mapping of Mexico than our Tom-Tom. And really, I haven't been very impressed with Tom-Tom when I compare it to the old Garmin unit we had before.

So, we are going to start using Streets and Trips. There is a 12v plug in the cabinet above the passenger seat and we have a little inverter that works with Ruth's little netbook computer so she'll be able to have it on her lap or sitting on the dash in front of her when we're driving.

Now that I've spent an hour going through the software, the main benefit that I see is the ability to plan your route a lot better. And of course you can do so on a decent sized map rather than the tiny 4" screen on a normal GPS unit.

So, I will show Ruth what I've learned today and we'll go through things together so we both know how to work the software. Then we'll take a test drive in the little car and see how all of this route tracking and stuff works.

High tech stuff! Makes you wonder how we used to deal with having to get paper maps back in the "olden days"!


  1. I, too, have this software and haven't really taken the time to learn it. Any tips for me? Remember, I'm totally challenged.

  2. once you figure it out you will want to add POI's - these are mappings of points of interest

  3. I have paper maps and a coil book, don't trust my GPS at all. We were in Yellowstone surrounded by RV parks and it kept telling us there was NO RV parks around us at all! LOL
    I have heard good things about that software you have. Have fun!

  4. I could never fold a map back the way it was suppose to be anyway!!!...we have the streets and trips too that we won from Rick and Paulette's blog...and we have tried it out as we are driving and the little gps stick actually does work...we, too have a gps in the jeep but the streets and trips is great for route planning before you leave home too!!..
    have fun playing with your new 'toy'!!

  5. We have been using streets and trips since 2006 and have fine tuned the program, Suzie made a data base with push pins for membership parks, rest areas, flying j's, dumpstations, points of interest, even friends and relatives addresses, etc... This way we can both plan trips and compare notes to coordinate where we want to go. And the Mexico maps are excellent as we found out in 2010. You can even adjust it for travel times and fuel costs as well. Just great program, and not too many quirks with the newest version. Enjoy it and have fun.

  6. All you Mexico header pictures make me want to go there..Still trying to talk Angela into it.

  7. Glad to see you are getting to use it, I just bought a mount cheap for my truck and I love the feature where it will leave a trace of the routes you do take. if there is a change you can save it and have it.We too just started using ours a little more, although I had a Delorme Mapping program before it didn't have the GPS feature and could only be used for mapping out a trip. This Streets & Trips seems to have a better data base and more features than the Delorme did.Looking forward to seeing you , Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....

  8. We use a CPS system, "Contessa Positioning System" and paper maps. Never had a problem.

  9. I've been using Streets and Trips for years for trip planning. Can't imagine a better way to make plans and change plans. I'll probably buy an update next year or the following year...after the Obama road construction is finished. We use a Garmin GPS when on the road.

  10. We have a GPS and half the time I don't trust her....Rick always maps out our trips before we leave...and we google routes etc....might look into this streets and trips...

    travel safe my friends...

    Elaine (Rick Tucker and lilly too)
    doggies licks to Whiskey girl....

  11. Be sure to get the Mega-POI download. It gives you POI (points of interest) for all the things RVers need and lots more. With the new versions of S&T you can show/hide the pins as needed.

  12. We have been using the program for five years, mostly for trip planning and checking alternate routes. It is a great program.

  13. I've really enjoyed seeing your header photos of Mexico. It is easy to see why you are anxious to return there.

  14. Jim and Sandie...Kevin is still working on all the in's and out's of the system. Once that is done he has to teach me. He found some tutorials on YouTube, you might want to look at some of those.

    heyduke50...Will do, thanks!

    WBY...I always had a paper map while Kevin had the GPS. It is handy sometimes when the GPS wants to send us one way and I think the other way is better. We have also had her tell us that there are no gas stations (eg) around and there are.

    Sue and Doug...You sound like us. I think there is a bit of a learning curve to the Streets and Maps and we will find new functions that we can use as we go along.

    George and Suzie...Yep, it looks like a pretty neat device. Kevin really likes the detail on the Mexico maps.

    Kenny and Angela...Keep working on her. We love it there.

    Sam and Donna...Love the new mount you put in for it. We will have to trade notes when we meet up next month.

    Contessa...We never really had a problem with the paper maps either, this just makes things a little easier, especially with all the driving we do on back roads through Canada, US and Mexico. The paper maps often don't show as much detail on these unless you buy local maps then things start getting expensive and you end up with a ton of maps that get worn out fast.

    Margie and Roger...I think we are going to like the features on the Streets and Trips and we will still use our Tom-Tom even though we aren't that happy with it. We have found that you can plan your trip on the Streets and Maps and then download it to the GPS.

    Rick and Elaine...Kevin does exactly the same thing and we also don't put all our trust into the GPS, she has steered us wrong before too! Whiskey wants to thank Lily and Tucker for the doggy kisses and she sends some their way too!

    Donna aka Froggi...Kevin has already downloaded it. More on this in our next post.

    Chuck and Anneke...We think we will like the program too!

    catman...Thanks! There are still so many more that we haven't seen yet.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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