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Thursday, August 25, 2011

New carpet coming!

I took a small patch of the old carpet with me into the city yesterday, and the first place I stopped at was able to match it up pretty good with a short roll they had in stock.

And I didn't need very much. For the carpet, we are only replacing the section that goes behind the front seats and back to the entrance steps. The rest we are replacing with the fake hardwood flooring that I had put in the kitchen two years ago and we're going to run that stuff right through into the bathroom. And we're leaving the old carpet in the bedroom because there's nothing wrong with it. Of course I'll post some before and after pictures, but not until the job is done.

So, I got an 8'x6' roll and some good quality underpad for a total of $70. Not a screaming deal, but not bad either considering the match is very close. to do today's job!


  1. Its all coming together, can't wait for the pictures.

  2. Don't forget to replace the seal under the toilet when you replace it! The guy we had put our flooring in didn't and what a mess we had in the basement! Too awful to discuss.

  3. can't wait to see your pics :) good luck with the carpet installation!!!

  4. Looking forward to seeing the floors when they get finished!
    Have fun

  5. i would like to replace all our carpet with vinyl tiles...

  6. The finishing touches will go on to the carpet today, pictures will be posted shortly.

    Contessa...Have no fear, Kevin is already perparing for it, in fact he said that before he can start on the bathroom he wants that gasket in hand.

    heyduke50...I would have preferred to have had a hard floor down as well but Kevin likes having the carpet under his feet especially in the living room area and he is the one changing the flooring and he is also the one that vacuums it so he can do it the way he wants as long as I get hard flooring in the bathroom. Can't undrstand why they put carpeting in the bathroom for the life of me!

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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