View from the cable car in Da Lat, Vietnam.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Da Lat, Vietnam.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Flying to Vinh, Vietnam on February 24th.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Interesting times

If the U.S. government were a family, they would be earning a fairly decent $58,000 per year. But they would be spending $75,000 per year. On top of that, they would owe $327,000 in credit card debt. Currently planned deficit reduction measures would reduce their annual spending to $72,000 per year.

We try not to get into political issues or current events here very often, but I thought that was worth sharing. Besides which, we didn't do anything that was very interesting yesterday! I spent much of the day at the computer watching the stock market.

But I also had a nap. Ruth thought I should share that with you!

Ruth and her Dad take the dogs for a walk by the Ottawa River every day.

Nothing else to report this morning. Looks like a chance of rain today, and the sky is pretty much overcast.


  1. You sure looked comfy taking a happy nappy!!!
    Have fun

  2. I've been trying to ignore the stock market the last week. I keep telling myself to hang in there.

  3. Your day was kinda like ours not much happening, just enjoying summer and trying not to think about the market.

  4. loving the decorating in Sherman...great job!!! comfy looking nap..its another visiting day here and will work laundry and cleaning into that somewhere...enjoy your visit with Ruth's Dad...

  5. I am really enjoying the life here in Valle de Juarez! I don't want to leave. My naps are daily and longer as time passes.


  6. Naps are good...came over from RV007..looking forward to reading your past and future posts.

  7. sounds like it was a good day for a nap!..just ignore all the stock market hoopla and pull the covers over your head!!

  8. Thanks for putting the US economy into such a neat point of view! Maybe you should send it on to the powers that 'be' at the White House!

  9. It may be best top nap thru some of this insanity, since clearly our elected leaders are sleeping at the switch or worse:(

  10. well, it's nice to catch up with you, even if you are napping! I haven't missed the news or thinking about "stuff" while we have been traveling. guess I'll have to get back to it eventually.

  11. Naps are always good for the soul. We all need them every now and again. For some of us it would be nice to be Rip Van Winkle and sleep for 100 years and when you wake up maybe everything in the world would be better. It is always nice to dream!

    Rick and Elaine...Enjoy your visiting and don't work too hard.

    Chris...If you are enjoying it so much there, just stay a little longer. You don't have to rush back do you?

    ain't for city gals...Hope you enjoy our travels. Nice job on the trailers BTW.

    Contessa...I think the people at the White House are well aware.

    Malone...Keep travelling and forget about it all.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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