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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A productive day

We left here around 10:00am yesterday and headed for downtown Ottawa. We had a whole list of things to get accomplished, and it turned out to be a pretty productive day.

First stop was my mother's to help her get her new internet and email set up. She's starting to get familiar with it, but just needs a little more practice. We've been very happy with gmail for our email service and so I set her up with an account of her own.

While I was doing that, Ruth was busy on the phone calling a few different photographers to find the best price for passport photos. Walmart was around $15, Shopper Drug Mart wanted $12, Blacks photo was $20 (!), and she found an independent guy who was $12, but if there were two of us he's do them for $10 each. It pays to shop around, that's for sure.

So we went and got our passport photos done, and at the same plaza there is a DMV office. I need to replace my lost drivers license, and figure out how to get our license plate sticker for the motorhome to last through two of my birthdays if we decide to stay down there with the motorhome through next summer. But, the lineup was out the door, and I'm not going to play their silly game. We decided to check another DMV office that was along our route.

Then, we went downtown and picked up our mail. We have a UPS mailing address now, and they will hold our mail until we pick it up, or forward it to wherever we happen to be.

Next, it was off to the passport office. Ours don't expire until February of 2012, but we won't be anywhere near Canada in February so we have to get them done now. Canada has finally introduced simplified forms for renewing if you have a current passport, so it was an easy procedure and the office wasn't very busy. We were totally surprised to be in and out of there in about 15 minutes!

Next, we tried to beat the rush hour traffic out of downtown because by this point it was about 3:30 in the afternoon. We were heading to my sister's place at the far east end of town. Stopped at another DMV office along the way, but it was just as busy as the other one. This part of the government still hasn't figured out the meaning of customer service, and there is no way I'm waiting in line to give them money! We will go to the small satellite office near Ruth's Dad's place sometime today. It won't be busy there, but it was in the opposite direction so didn't want to make a special trip if we didn't have to. I'd rather drive for a half an hour than stand in line for an hour. I hate standing in line.

Went to my sisters for dinner and enjoyed seeing family again. When we left, we stopped by our old house that we sold almost 4 years ago, just to see how much the trees had grown...and they had! Almost all of our old neighbours have also sold and moved on, so there was only one couple that we said a quick hello to while we were there.

No pictures today...maybe tomorrow!


  1. I am really happy with gmail. Sure beats hotmail by a mile. Your DMV sounds as "good" as ours here in the states. Question for you - with the things I've read about Canadian health insurance, how can you stay out of Canada for longer than six months? I still haven't figured out how all that works.

  2. Hi Jim and Sandie. We've had several people ask that question and I had answered it in a separate post back on June 2 of this year...

  3. We both have been very happy with Gmail for about six years now, no problems. And we are waiting for the right time to take a year or two out of Ontario ourselves.

  4. What part of Ottawa did you live in? We were in the west end across Baseline from the Queensway Carleton Hospital.

    I hate standing in line too especially in grocery stores!

  5. You are making me so very homesick with the Mexican header photos!!

  6. I'm surprised, your shopping, travel choices and getting the most for your money, you paid to get a passport picture. I take my own for myself and friend.
    Of course I'm a US citizen, that might make a difference.

  7. I'm with you about standing in line I did enough of that in the Army.

  8. I hate crowds and especially hate line ups! Totally with you on that for sure.

    Hope the DMV office was better. I have to head down to mine tomorrow after work to get Tara registered. I try to do it after the "end of the month" rush.
    Most people seem to wait till end of the month to do their stickers - last minute!

    Love the header photo!

  9. It's funny how we feel sometimes about leaving our homes, almost as if nothing will change while we're gone. In the end, we all have our own lives and waiting around for family or friends isn't reality.

    It took us a while to figure that out. Glad to hear you got your passports and getting your lost IDs back. Gotta have that stuff when you come to Mexico :)


  10. George and Suzie...Yep, it's nice to have change. There are so many places out there to visit, throughout the States, Canada and Mexico and the rest of the world.

    Sandra...Most of our married life was spent out in Orleans. That was where our house was that we sold 4 years ago. I grew up in Galetta though and Kevin grew up in the westend of Ottawa. I know what area you are talking about where you used to live, it's pretty built up there now.

    Contessa...Won't be long for you.

    Mickey...Trust us we looked at that option, but Canada has strict regulations about the photo and will only except a photo that is done by a professional and that has been stamped on the back with their business name and address.

    Kenny and Angela...People waste to much of their lives standing in line! If we can avoid it we will.

    WBY...Had no problems yesterday at the DMV. Walked right up to the counter, love it!

    Chris...Everything changes, nothing stays as it was, sometimes that is a good thing and sometimes it isn't.

    We don't have the passports yet. All the paperwork is in so we should have them in a couple of weeks. Actually getting Kevin's cards and ID has been pretty smooth going. Should have everything ready and in order for when we leave after Labour Day weekend.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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