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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Slept in!

Whiskey actually let us sleep in this morning. She's been waking us up at just after 6am for the past while because she wants to come down to Ruth's Dad's house. We are sleeping in the motorhome, up at the top of the backyard.

Whiskey likes it here because she gets spoiled rotten. And she has a friend, K.C., who is Ruth's Dad's little guy. K.C. has a real personality and he and Whiskey get along very well.

K.C. in his favorite spot

Whiskey, looking pretty comfortable too!

Froggi Donna left a comment yesterday about a downloadable file for MS Streets and Trips. This is a "mega" file that includes a whole pile of info for RV'ers and is really a must for anybody using the software. You can get it at

So, I'm going to sit with Ruth and show her how to use it, and then we're going for a drive. Meant to do that yesterday, but it started storming outside and we never got to it.

Doing some more work to Sherman today, and then this afternoon taking Whiskey to the vet for her rabies update.


  1. The pooches look so happy and content. I'm headed to that mega file site. Wish me luck.

  2. aww the doggies are so comfy....upon our return home we also will dowload that link...the wifi isn't strong enough here...we tried getting the mifi you have but are told its available go to a bell store for it..we went they never heard of it...will deal with that one later on also...stay safe and enjoy your visit with Ruth's dad...

  3. the dogs look mighty comfy!!..and as for the header shot!..perfection!!!

  4. Sleeping in is good once in a while! And yes that file is a must have, I forgot that we already had it, we don't use the program often in Ontario as we know all the roads that we travel here.

  5. don't turn too many things on with the mega poi file as it will slow you down to a crawl...

  6. Thanks for the mega file, Just got done downloading it. Now if i can figure out how to use it, Rigg's takes up the whole couch but tell Whiskey we have her name on a love seat.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  7. Jim and Sadie...Hope you don't find the mega file as slow for you as it is for us.

    Rick and Elaine...They sure were comfy. If you still have problems trying to get the MiFi, contact us and Kevin will give you the details that we have on it. He had a bit of a time with it too!

    Sue and Doug...They were and thanks!

    George and Suzie...We were due for a sleep in. Whiskey has been getting us up too early!

    heyduke50...It is a little faster on Kevin's computer than on mine, but we don't even have anything running when we go to open it and it just takes a long time to open. Once it's open it seems to be faster.

    Sam and Donna...Whiskey says thanks, I am sure she will make herself right at home at your place.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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