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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Busy day

I had a busy day yesterday. After we finished with Whiskey's vet visit, I headed down to Ottawa with a list of things to do.

I needed three "marine grade" panel mount fuse holders. These are what was causing the problem on our generator, and I want to replace them all. I stopped at a boat service place and he could order them, but didn't have any in stock. I'll try somewhere else before I go that route.

I picked up our mail, and our new passports were there waiting for us. Good for another 5 years!

I went and got a key cut for Ruth's Dad and then to a specialty plastics shop for three pieces of plexiglas to make the doors for the new cabinets in Sherman. Then, to Home Depot to buy the hinges and handles for them. Now I have everything I need to finish off that project! Total cost around $46. Not bad.

I dropped off some empty bottles for refund and then headed over to Quebec to buy a couple of boxes of beer. They are $8 a case cheaper over there and so the extra drive across the bridge is well worth it.

I had to deal with a little rush hour traffic in Ottawa, and I can tell you that I don't miss that city at all!

I then did a showing of my Mom's condo. I have a couple of prospective buyers, but the guy last night was a waste of time. I have another one to show it to Friday evening.

It as almost 9pm by the time I made it back to Ruth. She had a much better day with Whiskey and so far we're feeling a little more encouraged. Whiskey slept right through the night last night and has even had a little bit of breakfast this morning. She seems much more chipper and alert and perhaps we have made through one more scare. Thanks for all of your comments and thoughts...she's not quite back to normal yet, but we're keeping our fingers crossed that she continues to improve!



  1. A very productive day for sure. Glad to hear Whiskey is improving!

  2. Good luck with the condo. We'll keep our fingers crossed that it will sell fast. Whiskey, glad to hear you are doing a little better and were able to sleep all night. Hang in there little girl and feel better soon.

  3. You are the busy one!!! LOL So glad that Whiskey is better ~ so scary when our furbabies get ill!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  4. woof woof from Tucker..hang in there Whiskey!..there is plenty more to see..you don't want to miss it!!!

  5. Glad to hear Whiskey is feeling a little better.

  6. One day at a time! Glad Ruth stayed with Whiskey while you did all the man stuff! Sounds like a good day all around.

  7. Whiskey looks good! Glad she's doing better.

  8. Good to hear Whiskey is doing better. Rigg's is excited everytime he meets a new friend. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  9. yeahhh Whiskey...glad to hear your on the road to a full recovery...bless your furry little heart...thankfully rabies shots are good for up to 5 years..so you won't have to endure that nasty reaction again!!!
    travel safe folks

  10. Arf Arf Woof Bark Bark whiiiiiine
    Woof Woof Yap Yap Yip
    Grrrrrrrrrrr Ruff Ruff Woof

    (from Duke and Duchess)

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  11. George and Suzie...It's nice to have days where you have made some headway.

    Jim and Sandie...We are hoping that it can be sold before we head south but the time is starting to tick down. We will have our fingers crossed too. It's been a second good night with Whiskey so things are definitely going in the right direction.

    Donna..Kevin said that he can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Sue and Doug...Whiskey says thank you to both of you and to Tucker. She agrees, there are still lots of doggie sniffs out there that she has to investigate.

    Janie and John...Thank you! I hope you lost Fred in your travels.

    Contessa...It was a good day. Whiskey is improving, just have to keep an eye on the fluids and make sure she is getting enough. I think that is the key now.

    Grace...Thanks you so much Grace.

    Sam and Donna...Whiskey is looking forward to meeting him and Sadie too.

    Rick and Elaine...Whiskey is definitely getting back to her old self. Here in Ontario the rabies shots are only good for 3 years and if she makes is that far, there is no way in hell she is getting another shot! Whiskey sends her love to Tucker and Lily.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey

  12. WOW...you have made me tired just reading this. So, so glad Whiskey is feeling better. She looks very good. I love the picture at the top of the blog. Just gorgeous! Enjoy the ride.

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  14. Karen and Steve...Whiskey says thank you to both Duke and Duchess and to you and Steve.

    where's weaver...Lol, it really isn't that bad! Whiskey is definitely improving which is great news. The vet calls her the Energizer Bunny because she keeps going and going. As for the picture, it is such a beautiful spot, we love that area.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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