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Sunday, August 21, 2011

License plate sticker

Okay, so we're going to Mexico and odds are good that it will be for an extended period of time. Sherman is registered in Ontario, and so has Ontario license plates and a renewal sticker that expires in February 2012.

Ontario has an emissions testing program that forces you to pay for this test every two years.  Sherman last passed this test in October of 2010. For a motorhome it costs between $65 and $100 to have this test done.

They want me to do another test in order to provide me with a sticker that expires in February of 2014. This gives us the option of leaving the motorhome in Mexico until the spring of 2013. Just for fun, I looked up the rules regarding extended out of province trips. It turns out that they allow you one 6 month extension without the vehicle being tested. So I could apply for one and then not have to return until the summer of 2014.

But I'm going to phone them on Monday and ask what would the procedure be if the vehicle were out of the country for longer than that. And, hypothetically, lets say I drive down to Mexico with the current sticker and then contact them for an extension AFTER the vehicle is already down there. Will they only give me 6 months? And what happens after that? Do they just tell me I'm out of luck? It will be interesting to hear their story on that. I doubt the authorities in Mexico would care if I was driving with an expired Ontario sticker, but I'd rather be "legal".

Went for a nice bike ride yesterday down to the Ottawa river. Found a nice little spot at the end of a dirt road that would be a perfect boondocking location right by the water with a sandy beach and everything.

Looking across a bay on the Ottawa River towards the town of Arnpior

Zoomed in on the town of Arnprior

After that, did some more work. When I had originally installed the Firestone Air helper springs, I had messed up on running the lines and had them too close to the exhaust manifold. One of them eventually started leaking. Nobodies fault but my own. Since then I have had to adjust them manually. And, I never did mount the compressor and gauge properly, so I tackled that job yesterday. So, now all the airlines are away from sources of heat and the gauge and compressor are mounted in the same bay as two of our house batteries. Everything works great once again and I can now raise or lower the back end at the press of a switch. 

Gauge and compressor mounted out of the way.


  1. Your Gauge and compressor looks like a sweet installation, I am thinking of putting air bags on the rear of our pickup just to make sure the ride is smooth, it doesn't bounce much now unless the roads are bad like in Pa.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....

  2. I, of course, did not understand your gauge and compressor thingie so I showed it to Jim and he was very impressed. So that means it is really a great set up. Let us know what they have to say when you call them with all your questions. Could prove to be very interesting.

  3. Glad your getting all your stuff together for your trip!!! I know your excited about it!
    Have fun

  4. I have been in the current registration pickle a few times. I have never worried to much about local authorities. My concern always has been the insurance. If you were to get in an accident in Mexico, or any place else for that matter, what would your insurance company say about an essentially unregistered vehicle?

  5. will be interesting to hear re the plate registration you have to inspect in Ontario the same time as reg sticker? We do all our reg stickers print off a page and the stickers are mailed to you

  6. Sam and Donna...Kevin is very happy with the way the system works, too bad he mounted it too close the exhaust manifold the first time. Hopefully he has it placed in an area now where he won't have any problems with it.

    Jim and Sandie...Yep, the guys like their toys. Mind you I like the smoother ride we get from it.

    Kenny and Angela...We were riding on a cloud before, Kevin just had to put the air in manually now he can do it with a flick of the switch.

    Donna...Things are getting there. How can you tell we are excited? :)

    Chuck and Anneke...You have definitely brought up a good point...something to think about. We really want to do things the proper way, but they don't make things easy!

    Rick and Elaine...The only thing we have to do in Ontario to get our sticker is the emissions test every 2 years, no other inspection is required. Can't do regestration online for the stickers in Ontario, you have to physically go to an office or to a kiosk machine if it is a simple renewal when no emissions test is needed. Ontario is still a little backwards at some things!

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey

  7. nice you got the air compressor up and running and the license sticker is just a bit more of Canadian stuff that makes you want to head south for good!

  8. I was wondering about the principal idea of leaving a vehicle in Mexico for that long. I think that is not allowed, meaning after a certain time (?) you have to get it out of the country. But you COULD store it in the U.S. Also I would be worried about whether it is safe to leave any vehicle in Mexico. Could you get someone from your family to obtain a sticker and send it to you or can you do the emission testing prior to being due, so you would have 2 full years without the test?

  9. George and Suzie...Yep, nice to get it working the way it should be. As for the license sticker it is just one of the things that you just gotta do I guess.

    Peter Harwerth Beatrix Kohlhaas...Kevin has explained our reasoning for our motorhome staying in Mexico and your other questions in our new post Hope this answers them for you.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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