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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Red Pine Camp

So we visited Red Pine Camp yesterday. It was about an hour and 15 minutes drive to beautiful Golden Lake from Ruth's Dad's place. We got up there about 11am, and went searching for my sister Alison and her son Marshal.

They didn't know we were coming for a visit, so when I was walking down the dock I spotted my nephew and tapped him on the shoulder. It took him a few seconds of looking at me before he finally smiled and said "what are you doing here?!" It was pretty funny. Then we saw my sister and we sat on the dock in the sunshine and chatted.

Red Pine Camp is a family camp that my parents originally took us to in 1964. We went for several years as children, and I worked up there the summer of 1978 as a 16 year old. My younger sister then worked there when she turned 16, and our daughter Lindsey did too! In fact, I have three best friends that I met that summer, and the four of us still get together whenever we can.

Marshal, Alison, and Tony

It's not an RV camp though. You stay in sparse cabins and bring your own bedding. There are a ton of programs for kids, so that parents can have some holiday time alone! And, you eat in a dining hall with your meals served to you so there is no cooking or cleaning to do! It's a bit of a pricey vacation at almost $500 per week for an adult, so a family of two adults and two children would be around $1,600 for a week but that includes everything. And then there's a rising price scale for children age 2-16.

We stayed for lunch, which was $10.95 each and includes use of the facilities for the day.

The dining hall in the Red Pine grove

I was always good at using the stilts! I've still got it!

We didn't really do anything all day though. We had gone back down to the dock after lunch and Ruth was going to take a canoe out with her Dad, but some storm clouds came in and they closed the waterfront for a half an hour because there was some thunder. A bit of an extreme reaction we thought since the storm had already passed by the time they closed it. Oh well, they have rules they have to follow I guess.

My younger sister is a part time fitness instructor and so she held a "Zumba" fitness class for whoever wanted to attend.  About 15 people showed up and Ruth participated almost until the end when she slipped and twisted her ankle! We put some ice on it right away and although it's still a bit sore and swollen this morning we don't think it will take long to get better.

All in all, it was a fun day and other than a 20 minute storm the weather was good too. Our daughter still has close friends that she met up at camp and she is coming to visit at the end of August and will  be spending Labor Day weekend there with her friends. And it will be grandson Cameron's first experience at Red Pine Camp!


  1. Its always nice to go and visit great places with memories of the past and meet up with family and old friends. Sounds like you had a great day.

  2. Such happy memories you must have and now you are creating new ones. Don't like the twisted ankle though. Hope it's better today.

  3. I can see why it has good memories. I doubt I could handle the stilts.

  4. Our boys both attended camp as children. They have great memories! It was a church camp for kids, although they did have family weekends. So, a little different than what you experienced. Our youngest son loved it so much that he got a degree in Rec. Mgmt. and is now a director of a church camp organization in Minnesota. Glad you and your family could relive some of your great memories.

  5. What a great camp and I'm sure it brought back lots of great memories. Sorry to hear about Ruth's twisted ankle. Be sure to ice it from time to time and keep it elevated.

  6. Great looking place...nice to visit the past isn't it...thats what I did all week...sorry to hear Ruth twisted her ankle...stay off it my friend...let Kevin nurse you :)

  7. What a great camp. You look pretty good on stilts. Hope Ruth's ankle heals quickly.

  8. George and Suzie...Thank you, we did have a great day.

    Jim and Sandie...My ankle was still swollen yesterday but it didn't hurt too much. Today if feels worse, not sure if that is because some of the swelling has gone down.

    Chuck and Anneke...He's pretty good on the stilts. I certainly never mastered them.

    Kevin and Evelyn...I saw the post of when you went to visit your son for his birthday. It looked like a great camp with a nice setting, something like the setting at Red Pine Camp.

    John and Carol...It does bring back some great memories and look forward to more when our daughter starts going with her family.

    Rick and Elaine...My ankle is doing fine, a little more sore today then it was yesterday, not quite sure why as it really didn't bother me much yesterday.

    Janie and John...Yep, Kevin does pretty good on those stilts. I hope it does too, thanks!

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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