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Monday, August 1, 2011

Motorhome projects

I mentioned yesterday that I have quite a few things to accomplish with motorhome repair and maintenance. But there are also some upgrades and changes we want to make. Fortunately, Ruth's Dad has a full workshop and all the tools necessary to do jobs like this.

So I changed the oil yesterday and got that out of the way. I tend to do it every 3,000 miles (5,000 kms) or so, and I was a little over that this time, but now it's done.

Then, one of the changes we want to make is to to get rid of the TV that sits in the upper cabinet between the front seats.

I always thought that this was a stupid place to put a TV in a motorhome, and it's like that in almost all motorhomes. There's nowhere comfortable to watch it when it's located here, at least not the way Sherman's floor plan is laid out.. Anyhow, we don't watch TV in the first place. And, these old TV's are heavy and we could use some more storage space. Thirdly, I can't tell you how many times I have banged my head on the corner when getting up out of the driver's seat. That TV has to go!

TV and cabinet gone!

I was going to re-use the structure they had built to support the TV, but it wasn't built square, so I'm going to start from scratch. Ideally, I would like to install another door the same as the other two, but the odds of finding one are pretty much nil. So I think I'll build it as an open storage space just to throw loose items, with compartments so that things can't go flying when we're on the road. If anybody has any other ideas, I'm all ears!

So, off to Home Depot today to see if I can find some kind of melamine product that looks similar to the grain that Sherman's cabinets were originally built in.


  1. I agree with how stupid it is to put the TV up in the front of the motorhome. That's one of the reasons we liked our motorhome so much. The TV is at the end of the living room dividing the living room from the dining area and makes it so much easier to watch. And we are TV watchers. Or I should say I like the noise of the TV on. No suggestions for you but hopefully somebody else will come up with something you like.

  2. Have fun with all the projects. Have a couple of things to do here before heading to NS

  3. Took our TV down too, I think the extra storage is more important.
    Nice work (so far!)


  4. Wow, you guys! Sherman looks great not to mention that beautiful woman showcasing him. Who's that other guy though????


  5. Good luck with this project. The open idea sounds like a good one.

  6. Good luck with the project. You definitely do not want things flying around just over your head while driving:)

  7. Not a good place for the tv, I agree. Ours is mounted in the centre of the dash a perfect viewing place for us, plus we can watch the scenery at the same time. Where your tv was we have a cupboard for vcr, storage, etc. and it has a a very dark plexiglass door that was installed by Holiday rambler in 1999. Looks great.

  8. Jim and Sandie...Kevin will be happy not to have to worry about bumping his head anymore. I think we may possibly have found a cabinet door that is very close to the others, so we may have a door on it.

    Rick and Elaine...I think there will always be things to do, especially after spending time in your unit and finding what works and what doesn't. Have fun in Nova Scotia.

    WBY...Thanks! Hope your renos are coming along.

    Chris...Lol, thanks!

    where's weaver...Thanks, we will see what happens.

    Chuck and Anneke...Thanks, I agree with you, definitely don't want something hitting you on the head. We'll make sure that won't happen.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey

  9. George and Suzie...Ours still wouldn't be good even in the dash. We don't have swivel chairs so we would always be sitting with our heads at an angle. For us, if we were to have a TV it would be better so that it flipped down from the cupboards above our table. Kevin thought the coloured plexiglass may be an option, thanks for the idea.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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