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Friday, August 19, 2011

New cupboards

Making some more progress on my list of things to do to Sherman. Got the new cupboard doors made and installed, and I'm very impressed, even if I do say so myself!

And I went into town and ordered the replacement heater control valve. The one that was on Sherman has been discontinued and although I found one left over in somebody's stockroom, they wanted $122 plus shipping for it,  so I'm not going that route! I will put in a basic on/off valve so that the heater is either totally on or totally off and it's only $34. It will be in this morning, so that will enable me to finish off that job.

New cupboard where the microwave used to be.

A much better spot for the pots and pans!

New cupboard where the TV used to be.

Just a place for odds and ends.

So, the "to do" list is getting shorter, however we keep thinking of things to add on to it! Now it looks like this...
  1. Finish washing roof
  2. Inspect and caulk roof seams as necessary
  3. Install heater control valve and top up antifreeze
  4. Repair drivers door window sticking
  5. New carpet and floor
  6. Touch up paint on oven
  7. Make some kind of storage bin for the electric cable
  8. Sort through everything we carry and get rid of what we don't use
  9. Install compressor and gauge for air springs
  10. More, but it's minor things that can be done while we're on the road
Ruth took Whiskey with her when she accompanied her Dad on their morning walk. She's doing much better and pretty much seems back to normal except she's not drinking quite as much water as we think she should. Still, it's a huge improvement from only a couple of days ago, and we're so glad. Keeping fingers crossed!

KC, Tony, and Whiskey


  1. Those doors on your cabinets are beautiful. You did a great job. Glad to hear Whiskey was up for a walk and was feeling better.

  2. My hubby is impressed that you have no microwave or TV. If he could talk me out of the TV he would. I use my microwave too much to give it up. The cupboards look great, you definitely know what you are doing!

  3. You did a great job on the doors looks real nice.

  4. New doors look great, you have hidden talents. Good to see whiskey is alot better, pray this continues. Tony and Helen

  5. GREAT job on the cabinets! Isn't it fun to personalize our rigs to suit our individual needs?

    Sooo glad Whiskey is doing better too!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  6. Perfect! Love the new cupboards, exactly what I wanted ( even though its not my house )!!

    I suspect your list is a bit more detailed this year as you are planning a longer time away and it only stands to reason to get all the mechanical stuff done now. You are doing a great job on it as well as handling a bunch of other things.

    Hugs to your fur baby!

  7. Great job on the cabinets.

    I'm so glad to hear Whiskey is doing better. Have you ever considered giving her Pedialyte or Gatorade when she doesn't drink? I'm checking with our vet about it for Squeaky.

  8. The cabinets cane out just great, I like the smoked glass doors, Glad Whiskey is getting better. See ya soon. Be safe out there, Sam and Donna.

  9. The plexiglass looks great, good job, the rest of you jobs will just fall into place now, soon ready to go!!

  10. Wow, looks like a winner! chris

  11. At this rate there will not be much of the original RV left:)

  12. Great job! Can't wait to see the other improvements. Keep up the great work.

  13. Jim and Sandie...We are very happy with the way the doors turned out. Whiskey seems to be doing well, still having trouble getting her to drink water though.

    Janie and John...We took the microwave and TV out because the only time they got used was when we were hooked up to electricity and we were rarely hooked up. Even then with the TV we could only pick up local stations so there was no point in carrying around the extra weight.

    Kenny and Angela...Thanks!

    Tony and Helen...When he has the right tools, it is amazing what he can do. Whiskey is much happier now, still not up to par but a big improvement.

    Karen and Steve...Yes, it is nice to personalize Sherman. We have a long way to go before we could even think of catching up to some of your improvements though!

    Contessa...Yes, and we are picking up more things for the motorhome (mechanical wise) that we think will be hard to come by down in Mexico. But if we can't get them there, then we will just courier it down. We have the time to wait for them.

    Karen and Al...That might be an idea. Let us know what your vet says about it. Hope Squeaky is coming along better. It is hard when our pets aren't doing so well.

    Sam and Donna...Yep, they look pretty good. We are happy with the finished product, thanks.

    George and Suzie...Everything seems to be falling into place, if I could only stop finding him more things to do. Just little things!

    Chris...Thanks, Chris.

    Chuck and Anneke...Oh, I think there will still be lots left. Got to save stuff for another time.

    where's weaver...We are getting there. Some of the other improvements are stuff that is really not seen or just repairs. Most of the change has been done now except for the floor. That will be a big change.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey

  14. Looks great you two...what an excellent sense like you say having items in there you never happy to hear Whiskey is doing you I wish she'd drink more too...try ice cubes? Ours love to chew on them...take care be safe...hugs
    Rick tucker and lilly too

  15. Rick and Elaine...Thanks, we are pretty happy with the way they turned out. Whiskey is still doing well, I put lots of water in with her food and she drinks that up. She doesn't like ice cubes, but thanks for the suggestion.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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