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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Seven more sleeps!

We leave a week from today, and it's going to be a busy week! Didn't get much done during the day yesterday because we went into Ottawa for lunch with my Mom and two sisters. So after supper I worked on the floor until about 10pm last night.

But I'm really happy with the way it's coming along. Getting rid of the carpet up the entrance steps and into the bathroom was definitely a good idea. No pictures yet, you'll have to wait until it's finished! It's a big job for such a small area simply because of all the cutting and trimming of the pieces to get them to fit properly. In about an hour, I'm going to take Sherman for a drive to empty the tanks so that I can remove the toilet and get working on the bathroom section of the floor.

Tomorrow, we go to the airport to pick up our daughter and grandson. Then Thursday we'll have just about everybody from both sides of our families up here for a BBQ. Then we'll spend the long weekend finishing up sorting through everything and then next Tuesday we hit the road! So the next week is going to go by very quickly.

Gotta get to work...have a great day!


  1. I certainly appreciate that you're using "sleeps" for counting down. A tried and true method.

  2. Seven sleeps yes! Excited yes! Good luck with the floor and the last few little things.

  3. Wow a week and you will be rolling!! How exciting..the smallest areas are usually the biggest job...can't wait to see final pics...looks like you have a great time planned for the long weekend with all your family...enjoy!!! Can't wait to see pics and updates after the safe

  4. Getting close :). Can't wait to see photos of the new floors. That is a bif project.

  5. The family reunion farewell, have fun!

  6. It'll feel like you've got a brand new motorhome! Lookin' good so far. Can't wait for you to get back into Mexico. I'd love to read about your Baja trip but I see your blog doesn't go back that far and neither does Glen and Steve's. Bahia Concepcion is a definite winter destination for us in the future since we're already in AZ. :-)

  7. Wow time flies when you're really really busy!!!!
    Counting down

  8. Exciting, looking forward to the travel stories!

  9. One more exciting. Family get together...priceless. Enjoy!

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  11. Bob...I think we've used "sleeps" ever since we had our children. Isn't it the only way to count?

    George and Suzie...Things are definitely coming along and we are very much excited!

    Sue and Doug...You are right, not much time left but most of the major things are off the list now.

    Rick and Elaine...Yes, the bathroom will definitely be tricky because it is not just the floor, but there are several other bits that are carpeted that Kevin has to deal with so that the finished product looks good. Looking forward to the family get together.

    Janie and John...Kevin will put up a few teaser pics to show some of the progress.

    Contessa...Not just a family farwell but there are a couple of birthdays in there as well.

    Grace...It will feel like a brand new motorhome. We do have posts of our Baja trip but I haven't had time to put them on to this website. If you would like to read about the trip it starts here

    Donna...The time sure does fly by fast!

    Chuck and Anneke...Thanks, we are too!

    where's weaver...Really looking forward to the family get together. Almost everyone will be there.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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