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Friday, August 26, 2011

New Carpet!

Well the carpet is done and we're very pleased with it. It was a bit more difficult than I expected though, and my hand is sore this morning from cutting the old carpet out yesterday!

You may not know that when they build a motorhome, the very first thing they do is the floor. So the carpet goes underneath all the cabinets, seats, and walls...even the fresh water holding tank sits on the carpet! When you go to replace it, the only option is to cut it out around those existing fixtures.

Before. Actually, it doesn't look toooo bad in the picture, but trust me, it was nasty.

Cutting out the old one was hard on the hand, even with new blades in the carpet knife. And, you have to take your time because you want to use the old carpet as a template to cut the new one.

Ready for the new carpet

Both carpets upside down, using the old one as a template to cut out the new one.

With a little bit of trimming, we're very happy with the new carpet!

Next job is the fake hardwood floor. But we have to make our way down to Fitzroy Provincial Park about 12 kms (8 miles) from here to use their dump station because I need to remove the toilet in order to do the job so I want the tanks empty and clean.

Oh, and there is a Canadian Tire store on our way towards the border that will do Sherman's emission test for $39.95. That's less than half of GM dealer in Arnprior, who wanted $100 to do the same job! So we'll get that done September 6 on our way out and it won't even cost any extra gas because we would have driven right by the place anyhow.


  1. You are definitely a handy man. The carpet looks great!

  2. New carpet is looking good! Good deal for the emissions test, think I will check out Canadian Tire here next year.

  3. Great Job!!!! looks its time for a rest...

  4. good job on the carpet install!! are hired!!!

  5. Looks great.... You are really making progress!!!
    Have fun

  6. Nice job! We put laminate (I think that is what you mean by "fake hardwood") and found that all the end joints pulled open after a couple of years. Maybe a little glue would have stopped it. The end joints were simple tongue and groove, not locking. That might have solved it as well. Have fun!

  7. The carpet looks great; looks like the installer really knew what he was doing! We also just installed new carpet in our motorhome. Just as you said, we were amazed to learn that the manufactures put the carpet down first and then build everything else on top of the carpet.


  8. You are definitely one fine handyman, always on some project or other and they always turn out great. Congrats on this one!

  9. Job well done!


  10. Thanks for all the wonderful comments about the new carpet and Kevin's great abilities at installing it. I think he did a great job too!

    George and Suzie...Not all Canadian Tires do the emission tests so make sure you check it out first.

    Rick and Elaine...No time to rest, he still has the laminate to install.

    Croft...When Kevin put the laminate on the kitchen floor when we first got the motorhome, he put thin plywood down first then the laminate. When he pulled that up yesterday he realized that he stuck some of it down with doublesided tape and that worked great. Never had a problem with the kitchen floor, but he had to take it up so that we can extend it into the bathroom and to the new carpet.

    John and Ellen...It is definitely easier for them to do it then rather than to cut around everything after it is all put it. Just makes things hard when you want to change it though.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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