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Sunday, August 14, 2011


Might have got two or three hours sleep last night. Poor Whiskey had a bad night with an upset tummy, so Mom and Dad had a bad night too. We think it's a reaction to the rabies vaccine and so all we can do is see it through.

She seems a little better this morning though so hopefully the worst of it has passed.

We went for a 14 km (9 mile) bike ride yesterday morning. About 1 km from home, Ruth's bike got a flat tire so we walked the last little bit. Ruth's bike has just about had it, so I'm not going to repair the tire...we're going to find her a used bike, and there are a ton of them advertised on

Yesterday's project was cleaning Sherman's batteries. We have four 6V Trojan T-105 batteries, but two of them are exposed to the elements and two of them are in one of the lower storage compartments. The two that are exposed to the elements had been doing fine until last March when we had to drive through the salt and slush up to Nova Scotia. There's no way I would normally let them get this bad, but we haven't been parked up anywhere with decent enough weather to get this done, and so it was just put on the list of things to do while we're here. And yes, I had corrosion block on the terminals, but salt is apparently stronger. The two in the storage compartment do not exhibit any sign of corrosion at all.

Before - nasty!

After - much better!

An interesting side not about our batteries...I have read many times where people have needed to add distilled water to their batteries, but even after two years these batteries have never needed water. Perhaps heat has something to do with it, maybe there is evaporation only after the temperature gets into the 90's or something, or perhaps it depends on the charging system you've got. Anyhow, I just thought it was interesting that ours have never needed to be topped up, and I check them fairly regularly.

We've been house and dog sitting for one of the neighbours up here for the weekend. She has a pretty little spot on the river so it's been nice to wake up to a different view the last two days.


  1. Sorry to hear Whiskey is not feeling well.. hope it passes soon!
    Have fun

  2. I spent last night awake too, with my kitty. It's not fun, is it?

    Hope Whiskey feels better.

  3. Sorry to hear about Whiskey. I have a 16 yr old house cat that never had these shots, they are required if I'm going to go through Canada to Alaska. I will leave her with my daughter, instead. Check out - Wendy had this same problem with her dog last week, she has some remedies for it.

  4. Hope Whiskey gets well real quick, Rigg's sends a woof too. Be safe out there,Sam & Donna....

  5. So sorry to hear that Whiskey isn't feeling good. It's so tough on everybody when the furkids have a rough time. We're headed for rabies shots on Tuesday but haven't had any problems in the past so keeping fingers crossed we'll be okay. Great job on the batteries. We have two Trojan 6V's and love them.

  6. It's truly unfortunate that an old dog like that has to suffer due to an idea concocted by some bureaucrat in Washington. I'll not repeat my rant here about vets and the whole industry that has been created around these kinds of issues. I just feel bad for the dog is all.
    Hope she gets better.
    Kindest regards.

  7. Nice to get the must do maintenance problems out of the way while you have the time and weather cooperating for you. Hope Whiskey gets feeling better soon.

  8. I just read a blog where the cat is not felling well and now your dog! This makes me feel very sad! I hope by time you receive this comment, he is feeling MUCH better. They may be animals but they are still our kids!

  9. Hope Whiskey is better, one of our puppers always reacted badly to shots. Biker riders huh, well st louis has what they call the katy trail, just for bikers, old railroad line that they renovated just for bikers. Have friends that have come from miles around to ride it. If you have enough time while here it would definitely be worth checking out. See you soon, Donna

  10. Poor Whiskey - sometimes the shots do make them feel bad for a day. Hope he perks back up soon.

  11. Hope Whiskey gets to feeling better soon and that y'all get a great nights rest tonight.

  12. We hope Whiskey is feeling better today.

  13. poor whiskey baby girly....sure hope she feels better soon...when I had senior dogs we used to break the rabies shots up into two visits a week apart...Tucker and Lilly send get well soon fur hugs to whiskey!!! Great job on the batteries...
    Stay safe friends

  14. I hope Whiskey gets better soon. I agree on the batteries. Low temps less evaporation.


  15. Thank you everyone for your concerns for Whiskey, they are very much appreciated. She still is not up to par but there does seem to be some improvement.

    Karen and Al...Hope Squeaky is feeling better.

    Teri...Thank you, we will check them out.

    Jim and Sandie...Good luck with the rabies shots. Whiskey didn't used to have a problem with the shots, we think it just might be due to her age.

    Sam and Donna...We'll keep that in mind about the bike trails. We do enjoy riding on the many trails out there. Say thanks to Riggs for his woof to Whiskey.

    Rick and Elaine...I have never heard of breaking up the shots before. Luckily she won't need them again for 3 years, not sure we will get that much time out of her but it sure would be nice too.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey

  16. Grrr about the rabies shot, enough said.

    Impressed about your batteries, our last set ( the original set) we had to add distilled water often, now rarely. In fact we use to carry 3 gallons with us just in case.

  17. Contessa...We are definitely happy with these batteries. We also carry around distilled water, just in case.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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