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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Searching for a home base

We went for a drive and checked out a couple of different RV parks as possibilities for a seasonal or even monthly home base for this summer. Because we will be heading to Ottawa in early September, we’re thinking a monthly price will be better. Plus, if we don’t like the spot we choose, we won’t be locked in any longer than a month.

We looked at three different parks, and two of them we turned down right away. One was row upon row of crowded seasonals, pretty much in an open field. The other was a little better, but way too close to the main road. The third looks decent though, so we’ll give them a call and check what a monthly rate would be. The one we’re looking at is called  Highbury Gardens and it’s also the closest one to Lindsey and Justin. They don’t open until May 12 though.

Justin called his uncle who has some farm property nearby, and he said we could go check and see if there’s anywhere there that would be suitable for us to park, so we’ll go for a drive out there tomorrow.

Still some patches of snow

Whiskey, Lindsey, and Ruth

Stopped and went for a nice walk with Whiskey. The wind has calmed down a bit, and it’s not so cold, so at least it was decent to get out and go for a walk. The next few days they’re calling for highs around 7C (45F) so at least that’s bearable!

We’re a little worried about Whiskey this evening. Her breathing doesn’t seem just right and she seems very restless. If it’s no better tomorrow, another visit to the vet may be necessary. She will be fifteen years old next month, so I guess these things are to be expected.


  1. Hope Whiskey gets to feeling better soon.Wow fifteen thats pretty good,I had a little Schnauzer that was 16.

  2. Hope Whiskey is okay, our last Lab only lasted to 14, but the smaller dogs seem to do much better. Take care. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. Take care of Whiskey and good luck on finding a suitable home base.

  4. I hope Wiskey feels better soon.....

  5. We sure hope your Whiskey will get better. It is so worrying when you have a pet not feeling well on the road. I hope your RV park will be suitable and one less thing to worry about when a new baby is on the way!

  6. I'm glad to see Lindsey going for a walk. That's all it took when I was overdue to get the baby moving. She was born that night! Hoping Whiskey feels better soon and the weather warms up for all of you!

  7. i think Whiskey wants to go back to Mexico :)

  8. Hope Whiskey is feeling much better. Tara just turned 15 this month so they are both in that age group. She is not too bad but sleeps a lot. Hope you find a nice campsite. Dale & Mary-Lou

  9. Hope Whiskey is ok. We are in one of those sardine parks right now and we hate it, but the surrounding area has a lot of offer, but we won't be back for sure.

  10. Sorry to hear about Whiskey. We join all the others in wishing him well.
    Also, good luck with your hunt for the perfect campground! You two will find something, for sure.
    Tell Lindsey not to be mad at me but I think it would be nice if the baby was born on April 4th - my birthday! :o)
    Take care. Hope ALL goes well. Paula

  11. Probably the cold air doing it for Whiskey, time to go back south!

    Hope Whiskey feels better soon! 15 years is actually 105 right? wow.

    Still waiting for baby news!!!! Come on Lindsey!


  12. Thanks everyone for your concerns and kind words for Whiskey. She is on some medication now and had a much better day. We have to take her back on Friday to see how her progress is going.

    Lindsey is still hanging in there, but I think it will be pretty soon now. Sorry Paula, she really doesn't want to wait that long, lol.

    Pridge, I am sorry you are in one of those cramped up parks, hope your next one is better.

    WBY, she is actually between 76 and 83 years old for her size. They had a chart at the vet's that gave the ages in human years related to the dog's size.

    Kevin, Ruth and Lindsey

  13. Hey Whiskey,
    Hang in there partner, I know you have great pawrents and that's what keeps us old dogs going. Pawrents that are active keep us old dogs active. Heck, I'm 16 1/2 and still walking about 2km per day but I really enjoy my sleep. I've also decided in my old age I don't like puppies how about you? I sure hope this medication works, do your pawrents have to push that down your throat? My Mom can't do it, makes Rocket do it!

  14. Hope Whiskey starts to feel better soon. Sad to watch pets getting older with declining health.

  15. Mojo...I am happy to have such good pawrents, just like you. They really spoil me. No, I don't really like puppies either, they are always trying to jump all over me sometimes I have to snap at them to let them know they need to be gentle with their elders. Mommy has to put one of the pills down my throat, I don't like it and I sometimes give her a hard time with it. The others she is able to squish them up and mix a little yogurt in with them. I like yogurt. I hope we can stick around a lot longer for them, they need the extercise that we give them when they take us for walks. Take care Mojo, from Whiskey

    Margie and Roger...She is doing better now. We can tell, she is interested in food again.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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