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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mobile, Alabama

Wednesday March 5...9:45pm

Sure enough, it got fairly chilly last night. When we woke up, it was 6C degrees on the bedside thermometer. And when I took Whiskey out first thing, there was some frost on the ground in spots.

Headed back to some more casinos this morning. We went to 3 more casinos and repeated the "player club" procedure at each one. Long story short, we ended up with another $30 in cash, plus 5 packs of free playing cards. We could have made the time to go to every casino in town, and probably would have made another $50 without ever risking a cent of our own money.

This casino disappeared during Katrina.

Here is the new casino directly across the road.

Then we headed towards Mobile, Alabama. We had planned on meeting up with our host, Michael, who had set us up with a place to park Sherman for the night in Mobile. We called him as we got close to town, and he met us at the address we're to park at. Then we hopped in his car and he took us back to his place where we could have a shower and freshen up. Then, we went out for dinner to a Thai restaurant and had some really good food. Michael himself is a chef, and so knows some of the better restaurants in town. This Thai food one was a really good choice.

Ruth and I are celebrating an anniversary of was 25 years ago today that we met.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV... 139

March Fuel $ 99.60

March Grocery $ 5.19

March Overnight Costs $ 54.00

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