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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Preston, Lancashire, England.

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Osceola National Forest

Saturday March 8...9:40pm

A little noisy at the Walmart, but we still managed to stay in bed until 8am. Of course we went through a time change yesterday, so it still felt like 7am. Really windy when we sat and had our tea and coffee though.

Found out later that a tornado went through Lake City about 20 miles away from where we were parked. We ended up driving through that area and sure enough, there were a lot of trees and branches broken. The wind was still there, but it was a tailwind, so we don't mind driving in a strong tailwind.

Looking for somewhere to go for a hike today, and we pulled into Osceola National Forest. We went to the day use area, and had to pay a $3 fee to get in. Went for a nice little hike and realized they had a camping area on the other side of the lake and it was $8 for basic camping with no hookups. So we went and got set up over here but couldn't get a refund on the $3 we had already paid in the day use area. So we're camped up and at a really nice spot, but it cost $11.

Finally had an afternoon to putter around fixing a few little things on the motorhome. It's just like owning a house...there's always some little thing that needs fixing. Installed our new kitchen faucet, checked the tire pressures, tried to put a pound more air in one tire with the cheap "made in china" foot pump I bought at Walmart. Of course the hose sprung a leak after 3 pumps, and we'll bring it back at our next stop there. Fixed one of the lower storage bin latches that was loose. Just general puttering about.

Cut up some firewood this afternoon, but it was pretty wet. They've had a ton of rain in this area over the past week or so, and everything is damp. So we tried to have a campfire tonight, but it never really took off. Lots of hot coals, but no real flames to speak of...couldn't get it to warm up, so we gave up and came inside.

Lindsey called a few minutes ago to say her flight has been cancelled one more time. Not sure when we'll see her and Justin, but it's looking like Monday now. Gotta feel sorry for them, but there's nothing anyone can do. And because it's March break, there are thousands of other travellers in the same situation.

***UPDATE Sunday March 9...10:24am***

Lindsey and Justin are in Montreal. Their flight leaves for Boston at 6pm tonight, and their connector to Jacksonville Monday at 5am. They are now scheduled to arrive Jacksonville at 9:33am Monday.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV... 142

March Fuel $ 242.23

March Grocery $ 89.98

March Overnight Costs $ 65.00

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