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Thursday, March 6, 2008

De Funiak Springs, Florida

Thursday March 6...10:25pm

Slept great last night. We were a little concerned because we were parked across from a bar...but didn't hear any noise from that at all. Also, we had heard quite a few train horns blasting before going to bed, but all was quiet after that.

We left our spot about 8:30am, and had to drive pretty much through downtown Mobile to get to the tunnel on the main highway out of town. Was surprised to find that downtown was clear sailing and that we made it to the highway with no problems...but then Mobile is not really a very big city...population of about 193,000. Nice looking city though...we would have liked to explore more.

Nice scenery heading east from there, and we took our time on the highway east towards Pensacola. We stay off the interstate highways, but don't make very good time. I wanted to go to a Camping Wolrd store. These are huge full service stores that only deal in RV equipment. They have so many specialty items that I was really looking forward to going to see one. We went to the one in Robertsdale, Alabama...about 5 miles south of the main highway, so it wasn't much of a detour to head down there.

Ended up spending $123 at Camping World. The most expensive item was a new kitchen faucet. Ours had a small leak that I had tried to fix but there was a seal that was gone, and it was fine when we used our built in pump, but had to keep turning off the main switch to relieve the pressure. It was a minor thing but was still a pain in the butt...so now we will have a nice new faucet and no more problems. Also bought a special insulator for the roof vent to keep the heat in and the light out. And bought a vent shade cover for when we want the roof vent open but want to block the light. And bought a special hose for cleaning the toilet and tank that hooks up to the bathroom sink faucet. Neat little specialty items...we spent a good hour and a half wandering around the store.

And then we needed to do some grocery shopping and so stopped at a Walmart. We were a good hour and a half there as well because I also got the oil changed on the motorhome.

So we didn't make really good time today, but we are in FLORIDA. We're parked beside a municipal day use area in De Funiak Springs, but we're on the street. One of those situations where Ruth and I looked at each other and said "nobody will bother us here"...and so we stopped for the night. Took Whiskey for a walk around the residential area beside us, and then made supper and had a game of Canasta.

We meet Lindsey and Justin on Saturday at 5:30pm, so we have to do another 290 miles or so in the next 2 days. Better get an early start tomorrow!

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV... 140

March Fuel $ 99.60

March Grocery $ 89.98

March Overnight Costs $ 54.00

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