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Saturday, March 15, 2008

West Palm Beach

Saturday March 15…10:30pm

We watched the rocket take off at exactly 2:09am as scheduled. It was funny watching all the people with their cameras thinking the picture was going to look any better than a flash of light in the sky. But watching it live was really kind of neat, even though it was all over in about a minute and a half.

We had our free camping spot until noon, so decided to take stay until then. I went for a bike ride on the beach…4 km’s each way. The campground is along a waterway at the port where the cruiseships go in and out, and we saw a navy submarine leave it’s docking station as well.

Navy sub leaving the harbour under escort

Another shot as it leaves the harbour

Close up of the Navy sub

We had quite a drive to do this afternoon…about 150 miles towards an area south of West Palm Beach. The plan was to find the baseball complex where Alex will be playing some of his games next week and then find out if we could park overnight there the same way we did at the one in Cocoa a couple of nights ago. But there was no way…they even charge $5 admission to get into the games. And I was told in no uncertain terms that RV parking was not allowed. And once again the Walmarts have been told they can’t allow RV parking either. This area is NOT RV friendly! Anyhow, we find ourselves parked next to a Best Western Hotel. The front desk person said their parking lot wasn’t big enough for us, otherwise she’d let us park there. But there’s an abandonded Pizza Hut building next door and she said she’s seen truckers park here before. So here we are. She was really nice actually, and as a side note, the Best Western that Alex’s team is stayng in from Mar 21-30 has also arranged for us to be able to park our RV next door. So good for Best Western Hotels!

It’s hot now…28C and muggy!

Tomorrow we’ll spend around Fort Lauderdale Beach before heading towards the airport area because Lindsey and Justin go home Monday morning at 8:05am.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV… 148

March Fuel $ 421.16

March Grocery $ 280.34

March Overnight Costs $ 89.00

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