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Friday, March 7, 2008

Live Oak, Florida

Friday March 7... 10:51pm

Sure enough, nobody bothered us last night. Had a good sleep, and it's fairly warm this morning with the temperature inside Sherman of 19C.

Wanted to get a fairly early start though, so we were on the road about 8:30am. Highway 90 runs sort of alongside most of the Interstate 10 across Florida, but Highway 90 is a much more scenic route. We took a little detour up to Florida Caverns State Park. It's a really nice park, and if we had time we likely would have camped here for a day or two. Instead, we went for a little trail walk for half an hour or so, and then left Whiskey in the motorhome while we went inside the caverns. Including the park fees, it cost us $21.20 to do this little cavern tour. A bit pricey, (thanks Mom!) but we enjoyed it anyhow.

Ruth on the trail at Florida Caverns State Park

Kevin and Whiskey on the trail at Florida Caverns State Park

One of the passage ways inside the caverns

Drove on and started looking for an overnight spot around 4:30pm (went through the time change today, so lost an hour) but couldn't see anything suitable, so plugged the nearest Walmart into the GPS unit. As we got to within a mile or so, we realized something was not quite right. We were supposed to be near a Walmart, yet we were heading away from the town and the roads were not suited to a big box store. The GPS unit was wrong this time around! Ended up back in the town of Live Oak and asked for directions the old fashioned way. Rained for the last couple of hours driving today. They've had a lot of rain around here lately. The guy at the caverns said they had 8 inches in one day!

After we got parked up at the Walmart, I checked online to see how this big storm headed up across the east was going to affect Lindsey and Justin's flights. Turns out their Halifax to Toronto flight was still on, but the connector to Boston had already been cancelled. I tried to contact Lindsey, but couldn't so I left her an email. I turned my cell phone on, which I rarely do, and a girl from Air Canada calls 5 minutes later and sorts out all of their flights including the US Airways connecting flights to Florida. I was actually totally impressed with Air Canada for the first time in my life. So Lindsey and Justin are still going to make it here, but not until Sunday.

And so now Ruth and I are only about 90 miles from Jacksonville airport so we can find some nice hiking to do tomorrow while we wait for Lindsey and Justin to arrive on Sunday.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV... 141

March Fuel $ 242.23

March Grocery $ 89.98

March Overnight Costs $ 54.00


  1. Thats what I always liked the best about your posts, you calculated the grocery, overnight and gas costs. Very helpful to those of us planning a trip for sure!

    Florida looks beautiful. Are you headed that way again this year at all?

  2. Wild Blue Yonder...Thanks, yes we like to keep track of it and let everyone else see, so that they realize they can do it too and on a low budgt and still have fun and see things.

    No I don't think we will be heading back to Florida anytime soon. There is way too much else to see.

    BTW, I posted this post by mistake under today's date (Aug. 30/10), but is actually one of our past posts (Mar. 7/08) from our old blog that I have been coping and putting into this blog so that it will have our complete travels in one place.


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