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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Midway Campground

Tuesday March 18…10:30pm

Another great sleep. Headed out about 10:00am and tried to get internet at the nearby Indian “village”, but nothing available…so we headed further west towards the Midway campground on the road back towards Naples. Still no
internet, but it’s a really nice campground. However at $19 a night for electric only, it’s not a great deal. And we didn’t have exact change, so it cost us a dollar extra.

We spoke to one of the campground hosts who suggested we ride our bikes up to the Oasis Visitor Center. The main highway is being repaved, but it actually made it easier to ride up there because we used the closed off lane to ride our bikes on. Also, that lane was right beside the canal that the wildlife is in, so we saw lots more alligators along the way. When we got to the visitors center we asked about the hiking trail that goes for 35 miles, and we tried it for a bit but it got too swampy and we didn’t have good enough footwear.

Still, we saw so many alligators close up. They are such strange creatures.

Good thing there's a fence!

When we made it back to the campground, we spoke to the hosts again for a while. They’re from Rochester N.Y., so we had a good time discussing the area up that way.

We’re enjoying a rare night watching one television channel tonight…NBC…hopefully tomorrow we’ll get this journal posted.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV… 151

March Fuel $ 475.14

March Grocery $ 328.12

March Overnight Costs $109.00

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