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Thursday, March 27, 2008

John Prince Park Campground

Thursday March 27…9:00pm

Well Kevin’s taking a break from the journal tonight, so it’s my turn to give you today’s news. Despite the campground being beside a small airplane airport we had no problem with noise last night. This is really a pretty park.
It is actually quite big, there are 240 or so sites but they are fairly spaced out which is nice. Our spot is right by the water. We got up and did our usual, tea and coffeee, then breakfast. Kevin checked out where Alex’s next game is on the internet. We knew that his next game was close to the campground, but we didn’t realize how close it was, it is actually on the other side of the park about a 10 minute bike ride. We started getting things ready to leave for the day, we had to be out by 12 noon. Went and had our showers, got dinner ready for tonight, because we were hoping to have dinner between games as Alex’s second game was at 7pm in Fort Laurderdale and we were going to get a ride with one of the other parents rather than drive Sherman there.

Just before noon we decided to stay another night. This way we could bike over to Alex’s game and leave Whiskey in Sherman with the air-conditioning going and not have to worry about her with the heat. This ended up being a good thing as there would have been no where to park Sherman at the college baseball field. The game was 9 innings and unfortunately they lost again 12-1. Alex had a nice double though, but he wasn’t able to score. We decided at the end of the game not to go to the Fort Lauderdale game, it would have been rushed, we wouldn’t have had dinner and Whiskey would have been left alone again without another descent walk. We biked back and took Whiskey for a walk, had dinner and relaxed.

Sherman parked up at John Prince County Park

A big banyon tree at our site.

A bird, not sure what kind at Prince County Park

Tomorrow we will make more use of the park which is really nice and very big. Lots of hiking and biking paths and is very dog friendly. Tomorrow is a day off for the boys, I believe they are going to go to the beach, we will go back to the hotel and see what else is in that area, maybe make it down to the beach as well.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV… 160

March Fuel $ 593.14

March Grocery $ 459.20

March Overnight Costs $158.03

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