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Friday, March 14, 2008

Cocoa Beach, Florida

Friday March 14…11:30pm

We had an uneventful nights sleep at the Cocoa Expo Sports Center. We’ve now learned that it’s not easy to find inexpensive RV parking in Florida, espescially as we head further south. So parking at a baseball complex is
just fine. After coffee, we pulled into a nearby hotel parking lot and used their internet. Our intentions of going to the Kennedy Space Center were quickly doused. We couldn’t believe that they wanted $38 per adult to tour the facility! Sorry…that’s too rich for us. And it should be too rich for anybody!

We checked the phone number for the Jetty Park RV park, which is the one that has the best viewing area for the shuttle and rocket launches. Their phone answering service said they were sold out until the end of March, with the exception of the overflow facility which was on a first come first serve basis. We decided to head there, even though it was very expensive, but we figured we weren’t going to be spending the money to visit the Space Center, so why not treat ourselves to the camping spot to see a GPS satellite rocket take off.

It turned out that they had a spot available for us, and they assigned it to us. But the previous tenant wasn’t checking out until after 12 noon, so we went down the road to the “Ron Jon” surf shop and dropped off Lindsey and Justin to walk around. They were to meet us back at the campsite when they walked back. But when Ruth and I got to that campsite, someone else had already taken it over. The place was filled, so I wasn’t sure what they were going to do, so went to the office to explain our problem. The office girls were so happy that I didn’t get upset with them that they assigned a “shared” site to us…for FREE! This is a spot where we should have been paying $42 a night…espescially on a night when a rocket lauch is going we’re happy campers.

Our free camping spot at Jetty Park. Everyone else here is paying $35-$40!

It’s midnight now, and the rocket laumches in 2 hours. It’s spitting rain though, so not sure if it’s even going to take off.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV… 147

March Fuel $ 352.23

March Grocery $ 280.34

March Overnight Costs $ 89.00

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