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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Sunday March 16…11:00pm

Not a very good night for sleeping. At least 3 different dramatic incidences of people getting upset at their boyfriends or girlfriends…and so we once again confirm that trying to sleep next to a Taco Bell isn’t the best scenario…but it was better than nothing.

We wanted to spend the day at the beach, but that entails looking after 2 problems…one, finding a spot to park the motorhome, and two, looking after Whiskey. When we got to Fort Lauderdale Beach, it was about 11:00am and we saw signs on the main road saying no pets allowed unless certified guide dogs. And then we saw signs saying no RV, truck, or bus parking or minimum $50 fine. So we drove off the main road and lucked out to a spot on Birch Rd. beside an empty lot where there were no signs. It was total luck that we found this spot because when we rode our bikes around afterwards we couldn’t find anywhere better.

And so we were parked, but we still had to worry about Whiskey...and it was forecast to go to 31C or 88F this afternoon. We decided to leave her in the motorhome, but we started the generator and left the A/C on for about 3 hours. We all went to the beach and I went back and checked on Whiskey every hour or so and she was fine. The A/C works really well.

The beach was pretty busy. It was a hot Sunday, so lots of people were there. Lindsey and Justin treated us to a meal out, and we really enjoyed one of the best fish and chips dinners we’ve ever had. In the evening, we went for a nice bike ride to see all the rich people and their yachts and homes.

Fort Lauderdale Beach

Police at Fort Lauderdale

Still hot…28C at the bedside thermometre and it’s 11:10pm. Lindsey and Justin’s plane leaves at 8:09 in the morning, so they’ll be back in the cold tomorrow!

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV… 149

March Fuel $ 421.16

March Grocery $ 280.34

March Overnight Costs $ 89.00

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