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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Back in West Palm Beach

Wednesday March 26…11:45pm

Finally made it across to the Palm Beach mall this morning. It’s a big mall right across the street from the Best Western on Palm Beach Lakes Blvd where Alex’s team is staying. They have a Macy’s and a Dillards, and a
Sears and 2 other anchor stores I can’t remember, and your typical smaller mall store, but a lot of them were empty. Looks like it used to be a really good mall, but maybe it’s older and starting to get out of “style”. Who knows, but we spent all of one dollar on a funnel for Sherman.

Alex came over for a game of cards in the afternoon, but that was cut short because he had to get ready for his baseball game. Ruth and I had to leave for the ball park fairly early because we had to find propane for Sherman (we hadn’t filled our propane since February 4th) and a dump site would have been nice as well. We weren’t full yet, but we plan on staying with Alex until he leaves on Sunday, and by then it would have been getting pretty full. Also, our fresh water supply was getting low, although water is pretty easy to come across.

We found propane without much problem, although I had researched the location on the internet ahead of time. Then, enroute to the ballpark, we were looking for an RV park that might let us use their dump station. This is usually accomplished by paying a $2 to $5 fee. But this is Florida! The place we pulled into wanted $20 just to use the dump station! We declined, and she suggested we try John Prince Park Campground about 2 miles away. We did, and they wanted $10 to dump, or $22 to camp with electric and hot showers. So we decided to splurge. It’s a really nice campground, run by the county. For $22 and in this area, it’s actually a pretty good deal. I wish we had known about it when Lindsey and Justin were here. Oh well…

Alex’s team lost again tonight, 9-4. They played a bit better, but still too many errors. Alex was 0-2 with a strike out, a ground out, a walk, and an RBI. But he seems to be swinging the bat better, and I’m sure he’ll get a few hits tomorrow. They play two games tomorrow…one at Palm Beach Community College at 2:30pm, and then again at 7:00pm at Broward Community College back near Fort Lauderdale.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV… 159

March Fuel $ 593.14

March Grocery $ 459.20

March Overnight Costs $133.50

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