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Monday, March 3, 2008

Last day at Bayou Segnette

Monday March 3...9:00pm

Well I'm back home from the north! Going up there to visit made me remember just how much I don't like the cold!

Alex and I had a good visit with my cousin Dan just outside of Boston, and we also had a good visit with Salem State College. It's in a beautiful location, and both the baseball program and the academic program are well respected. He wants to take the "Sports, Fitness, and Leisure" major, so we'll continue the paperwork while we see if any other options come up over the next couple of months.

Our experiences with the transit system in New Orleans have left a bad taste. We've decided that the taxi drivers here are ignorant and overpaid, and that the bus system here is downright terrible. In the future, we will rent a car for a day or two and transport ourselves around town...even if it costs a couple of dollars more.

Very tired after having got up at 3am this morning to drive to Syracuse from Watertown to catch my flight back to New Orleans. My connecting flight in Philadelphia was an hour late, so that didn't help. Thankfully, even though it's windy, the temperature in New Orleans this afternoon was about 77.

Looking forward to meeting Lindsey and Justin in Jacksonville Florida this we are headed further east tomorrow!

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV... 137

March Fuel $ 0.00

March Grocery $ 0.00

March Overnight Costs $ 54.00

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