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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Jacksonville, Florida

Sunday March 9...9:50pm

Had to actually put the furnace on this morning when we got up. Temperature at the bedside was 6C, and normally we would do some driving for an hour or so to let things warm up and then park for coffee, tea, and breakfast, but we wanted to relax for a bit. Looks like a nice sunny day, and the wind has died down as well.

We drove into Jacksonville and checked out the Walmart near Jacksonville airport. The security people say we're fine to park here overnight, so we look for something to do for the day. I found a Division I college baseball game going to be played at Jacksonville University at 1pm, so we drive over there. It's a good game, with the home team winning 3-0. Take Whiskey for a walk around the campus after the game, and then head back to the Walmart.

As we're doing all this, we find out from Lindsey that their flights have once more been switched around. She calls us from the airplane which is about to take off for Toronto from Montreal, and explains that now they are flying from Toronto to Washington at like 7am Monday morning, and then from Washington to Jacksonville Monday afternoon to arrive here around 4:14pm. So now they've lost 2 full days of their holidays, but there's nothing anyone can do about it. At least the airlines have been more than accomodating at trying to get everyone to where they need to go.

Bought 24 beer at Walmart for $13.34. For anyone who doesn't follow these things, that same box of beer would cost almost $38.00 in Ontario.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV... 143

March Fuel $ 242.23

March Grocery $156.09

March Overnight Costs $ 65.00

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