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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Miccosukee Casino

Wednesday March 19…9:35pm

Very quiet night last night. Didn’t hear any road noise, and it was totally peaceful until we were awoken by some strange sounding bird.

We spent the morning taking advantage of the electricity and doing some vaccuuming and cleaning. I took apart one of the roof vents and cleaned the screen…what a huge difference! Now I have to do the other two next time we’re parked up somewhere with nothing to do.

Left the park around 11:30am and headed back east towards Miami. Stopped at an Indian tourist spot and managed a couple of hours on the internet to get caught up on emails and things. Had some lunch, and then continued on to the Miccosukee Casino about 25 miles back. We didn’t go in until nearly dinner time, but we checked out the games and we didn’t like the setup. Spent $4.40 on gambling, and they had no players club type benefits so we stopped there.

However, they did have a great steak and lobster dinner for $6.95 each! So we treated ourselves to a rare dinner out (actually, medium rare) and with a beer for myself and a glass of wine for Ruth the total came to $27.50 including a 15% gratuity! Pretty hard to go wrong with that.

Played 4 games of backgammon…Ruth won them all!

So tonight we are off to see the “Salsa Dance Competition” that starts at 10pm in the hotel ballroom. We’re told it’s free for spectators, so it should be some interesting entertainment.

***Update 10:20pm***…turns out that they wanted $5 each to get into the dance thing. It wasn’t that important to us, and we’ll be spending money on baseball games for the next month or more. So we cancelled on that.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV… 152

March Fuel $ 475.14

March Grocery $ 328.12

March Overnight Costs $109.00

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